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Powerful Advocacy | Client-Focused Solutions

Divorce Or

Family Conflict?

Our attorneys are well versed in New Jersey family law, from asset division to custody disputes, and experienced in complex and contentious proceedings.

Need Real Estate


Whether you are buying a home or “underwater” on your mortgage and facing foreclosure, we know how to protect your legal and financial interests.

We Practice

With A Purpose

These are stressful times with much at stake. You deserve an attorney who will explain it all, keep you involved and position you for the best outcome.

In trouble

with the law?

From traffic violations to serious criminal charges, we strongly assert your rights and work to limit the consequences for you and your family.



Our lawyers advocate vigorously on your behalf, whether you are able to negotiate with the other party or your case must be decided by the court.

The Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh, L.L.C., provides sophisticated counsel and representation in divorce proceedings and related matters of family law. We understand that you are dealing with strong emotions and difficult decisions. We realize that the outcome will redefine your life and affect your finances for the foreseeable future. You can count on our legal team for sound advice and strategic advocacy as we guide you through the legal process to the best possible resolution for you and your family. We explore creative and practical out-of-court remedies, yet we can capably litigate to protect what is most important to you.

Attorney Rajeh A. Saadeh is known throughout the Middlesex Metro area for his in-depth experience with real estate transactions and disputes. He can shepherd you through buying or selling residential real estate or purchase or lease of commercial property. He can help if you are facing foreclosure or need to walk away from your mortgage. He is well-equipped to protect your interests, whether negotiating terms or asserting your rights in court proceedings.

Our lawyers can intervene promptly if someone in your family is facing a DUI or traffic ticket, or is accused of a crime. We challenge the basis for the charges to get the case dismissed or to put you in the strongest negotiating position to limit the consequences. We will defend you at trial if necessary to protect your freedom or your future. You can turn to our defense team for any municipal court or superior court offense, including drugs, theft, moving violations or allegations of violence.

Responsive & Trial-Ready New Jersey Attorneys

We believe in being responsive and accessible to our clients, especially when they are dealing with the delicate and urgent matters of divorce and custody. Some conflicts inevitably must be resolved in court, where we have a successful record. But when we litigate, we go in with a well-considered strategy rather than trying to simply bulldog our way through it. In or out of court, we are attuned to your goals and your concerns.

Before private practice, Rajeh A. Saadeh served as judicial law clerk to Appellate Division Judge Hany A. Mawla in the family courts of Hunterdon County, Somerset County and Warren County. He draws on those insights to anticipate issues and advocate more effectively clients and their children. With a law degree from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania Law School, Rajeh is active in many professional organizations and has been recognized for his contributions to the law, particularly the area of family law.

The Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh, L.L.C., is located in NJ, serving clients in Middlesex County, Somerset County, Hunterdon County and surrounding New Jersey.

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