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The real estate universe: many and varied considerations

If a law firm in New Jersey or elsewhere markets itself as a provider of legal services relevant to real estate matters, what exactly does that mean?

At The Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh, L.L.C., in Somerville, it means this: proven experience across a comprehensive set of matters in both the residential and commercial real estate realms.

The terrain in each of those subsets is broad and diverse. Regarding the former, clients often need timely and on-point legal help with matters ranging widely from realty purchase/sale concerns, construction defects and land-use issues (e.g., easements and eminent domain) to financing, landlord-tenant considerations, foreclosure challenges and more.

And the commercial sphere is truly replete with complex and specialized concerns encompassing things such as purchase-versus-lease decisions, contract negotiation, drafting and enforcement, government permits/approvals and zoning constraints.

An experienced and empathetic real estate attorney will routinely seek to promote the best interests of a client by following a cost-benefit strategy that focuses on optimal solutions marked by the greatest possible savings and a corresponding avoidance of conflict.

At the same time, though, that attorney must stand ready and be able to pursue a best-case outcome through knowledgeable and forceful litigation if that becomes necessary.

And it sometimes does, making strong dispute resolution skills an important attribute for any real estate lawyer.

As we duly note on our firm’s website, our attorneys provide full-service counsel to residential and commercial real estate clients on realty-related matters that are either challenging them or that offer new and attractive opportunities.

We welcome contacts from readers seeking further information on this core practice area of our firm and the diligent legal representation we provide to clients across the Middlesex metro area and adjoining counties.



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