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Rutgers Honors Program Spotlights Rajeh Saadeh

Graduates of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, tend to view their affiliation in a proud and enduring way. They know that the opportunities provided them at their alma mater have been catalysts enabling lifelong learning and meaningful careers.

The principal attorney at our Bridgewater law firm can speak personally to that. Rajeh A. Saadeh embraced Rutger’s challenge, graduating from the university’s Honors/Scholars Program prior to attending the nationally ranked University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Saadeh, like many other Rutgers graduates, credits the school with preparing him for the legal work he now passionately engages in for clients across New Jersey with family law and real estate-related concerns.

And, notably, Rutgers recently credited Saadeh in turn for his diligence and commitment as an undergraduate by profiling him in a campus “Alumni Spotlight” article.

Saadeh succinctly noted in that piece the many positives linked with his Rutgers immersion and lasting connection. He summarized his experience in these three words: challenging, rewarding and fulfilling.

Saadeh additionally noted for interviewers Rutgers’ important contribution to a progressively expanding development in his thinking and perspectives, which now closely inform his advocacy for the diverse legal clientele he serves.

Although Saadeh duly notes the importance of a strong transcript and resume for a college graduate, he stresses that friends made and relationships cultivated while at school can be more important in later years from both a personal and professional perspective.

Saadeh tells Rutgers students to “foster and facilitate the relationships you make.”