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The role of proven legal counsel in child custody cases

As a divorcing New Jersey parent, balance is something that you perhaps spend much time thinking about.

You love your children, of course, and want what is best for them across every conceivable front. Yet you know that your parental rights and interests must also be respected and promoted. As a nurturing caregiver, you likely view that getting what you want and need in a divorce will simultaneously advance the best interests of your kids.

But then there is your soon-to-be ex. Understandably, he or she feels the same way. In some divorces, it happily turns out that you and your impending former partner are in close sync regarding expectations. Chances are, things will go smoothly if that is the case.

If mutual agreement turns out to be elusive concerning important matters like custody and parenting arrangements, though, you may need to stand your ground. Not every divorce outcome is grounded in civility.

Enter your lawyer. An experienced New Jersey divorce attorney knows that every marital dissolution is unique and requires a tailored approach and strategy.

In other words, balance is something that seasoned legal counsel is also necessarily focused on in your divorce matter.

We note at The Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh in Somerville that we “balance two important roles” in our advocacy for every valued family law client.

First, we maintain a laser-like focus on your children’s best interests. That is what a New Jersey court does. We know that from personal experience, with our principal attorney having served as a judicial law clerk in state family courts before entering private practice.

And we focus on you, knowing that it is key for the rights of a loving parent to be fully addressed and communicated to a judge overseeing matters that are unrivaled in importance.

Your divorce might happily turn out to be amicable, or it could be adversarial-laden and replete with challenges.

Either way, a tried-and-tested family law attorney with a demonstrated record of client success in all types of divorce negotiations and outcomes will have your back and focus unwaveringly on both your best interests and those of your children.



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