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A court won’t be amused if your spouse is hiding marital wealth

If your dissolving New Jersey marriage features high assets and an impending former partner’s clear animosity directed toward everything you do and say, you might reasonably be harboring some serious concerns.

Namely, about wealth. Even more specifically, you might have some well-grounded suspicions that your soon-to-be ex is unlawfully hiding marital assets. Under New Jersey law, you are entitled to your equitable share of such property in a divorce outcome.

What are you to think and do, though, if your best-effort scrutiny aimed toward identifying all the assets in your marriage is woefully unsuccessful? That is, what’s the next logical step to take if the multi-sourced wealth you know exists seems to have suddenly disappeared?

For starters, you might consider contacting an experienced attorney who routinely works with wealthy clients in diverse property division-related matters. And, additionally, you might want to rely upon your counsel’s referral recommendations of additional parties who can, collectively as a team, help you uncover and properly value all their marital assets in your marriage.

A divorcing spouse’s attempt to hide wealth is not a rarity in the divorce realm.

In fact, it is a commonplace, and certainly something that family law courts see with regularity. And, as noted in a recent article on the subject, a spouse found to have engaged in such behavior will unquestionably make “a poor impression” on a judge focused on a divorce-linked equitable property division.

Questions or concerns regarding marital assets — most specifically, their full identification, accurate valuation and fair distribution in divorce — can be directed to a seasoned family law attorney.



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