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Prenups’ popularity on the rise, and logically so for many couples

Talk about an uphill battle for a little respect and acceptance.

Perhaps no other legal instrument has faced a greater in-your-face slog for perceived legitimacy and utility than the oft-reviled prenuptial agreement.

Killer of love. Nemesis of passion. Marriage wrecker.

Such depictions have been aimed at prenups for decades. As we note on our Somerville family law website at The Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh, many couples in New Jersey and nationally have long contended that premarital contracts “are contrary to the basis of marriage.”

There is another way to think about them, though, which is decidedly less emotion-laden and more appreciative of their objective function to safeguard property and protect against debt.

As an exponentially growing number of young marrying couples across the country — think especially Millennials — are reportedly finding out, prenup negotiation, drafting and execution can spur a couple to openly discuss issues they think are key in marriage. And, importantly, taking time to thoughtfully address those matters from a legal perspective can promote — rather than undermine — marital stability and peace of mind.

A recent media spotlight on premarital agreements chronicles what is clearly a growing acceptance of those instruments among younger marrying partners across the United States. Relevant data indicate a sharp rise in prenup execution by Millennials over the past several years.

In fact, notes the cited article, the growing interest for such marriage contracts has been steady and widespread among all demographics over a long period. Reportedly, prenup execution nationally has increased by 500% over the past two decades.

Any individual or couple interested in knowing more about prenuptial particulars and utility can turn to a proven family law attorney for a candid and confidential conversation.



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