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Divorce concerns don't automatically end when you sign a decree

Question: What is an "all-consuming pursuit of an elusive, quite possibly mythical goal?"

Answer, at least in a recent Forbes article focused upon family law: successfully negotiating a divorce settlement.

Truth be told, some couples address and resolve material divorce matters -- things like alimony, child custody/ support and asset division -- seamlessly and without much of a problem.

Others, of course, don't.

The central point that Forbes family law columnist Jeff Landers makes concerning that drying ink on a divorce settlement (regardless whether it was preceded by amicability or rancor) is that divorce details don't cease to require your close attention following marital dissolution.

"It's quite likely," Landers stresses, "you will still need to keep your attorney … to work through the practical details."

Those can be many and a bit thorny in given New Jersey divorces. Here are a few things that Landers rightly notes can require attention:

  • Disinheriting your ex and making beneficiary changes (it's likely you'll want him or her off that will, out of that trust, deleted as a potential taker under insurance policies, etc.)
  • Watching credit and financial accounts after divorce to make sure your ex doesn't still have a hand in the till
  • Continued compliance with parenting plans and custody/visitation matters
  • Legal follow through (attorney involvement, communication with the court) if your former partner starts stiffing you and/or the kids on maintenance matters

Some matters might require input from professionals other than your attorney, such as an accountant. The lawyer who capably handled your divorce can just as capably make suitable referrals when doing so promotes your best interests.

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