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Some things you should know if your divorce is destined for court

Readers of our New Jersey legal blog at The Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh in Somerville who are considering the above headline in today's post should know that many divorcing parties see little, if any, of a courtroom. In fact, many decouplings across the Garden State are concluded amicably and via alternative processes to formal litigation, such as mediation.

Indeed, we actively push an outside-the-court strategy whenever possible, given its increased likelihood for a civil outcome and a comparatively cost-efficient resolution.

The reality in some divorces, though, is that only recourse to a court and the steady oversight of a New Jersey family law judge can foster a legal divorce outcome. Some couples are divided by multiple issues that require judicial intervention to resolve.

When that is the case, notes a national publication addressing litigated divorce before a judge, the merit in securing an experienced courtroom attorney is both clear and obvious.

Here's why: Judges frown upon unprepared litigants. They don't like delays. They grow quickly impatient when knowledge is sorely lacking regarding process, procedure, decorum and related matters. Divorcing parties who enter court without representation or with relatively inexperienced legal counsel at their side can quickly find themselves on the short end of the judicial stick.

We seek to ensure that never happens in the courtroom-focused legal advocacy of our valued clients. Our principal attorney has extensive knowledge of New Jersey family law courts from being a judicial law clerk and, ultimately, an attorney with proven divorce-linked experience before judges all across the state.

If you are headed to court to resolve your divorce issues, contact a proven family law attorney with litigation experience for answers to your questions and concerns.

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