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A 21st-century parenting plan tech assist: the Smart Coparent

Oops, I forgot my smartphone. I can’t co-parent.

It hasn’t quite come to that yet, of course. It does sometimes seem to be the case, though, that legions of people stand immobilized and incapable of any action whatever if their beloved mobile device isn’t firmly in hand.

And, of course, it didn’t take long for savvy entrepreneurs to duly note that and create must-have apps with promised relevancy in virtually every conceivable universe.

Including the family law realm, where something called SmartCoparent is now being touted to harried ex-marital partners with kids in New Jersey and nationally. As noted in one recent media spotlighting of the new “features-rich” app, it offers outsized assistance to divorced moms and dads trying to stay one frenzied step ahead of their kids in scheduling-linked matters.

SmartCoparent comes endorsed as “a complete digital ecosystem” with proven capabilities “in managing nearly every complex aspect of co-parenting.”

Such a drum roll of superlatives is impressive, indeed, but must be duly recognized as more than a bit of marketing hype. As we impart on our website at the established Bridgewater Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh, post-divorce co-parenting is a unique, complex and necessarily changing phenomenon in every case. A well-developed app might reasonably assist in the process of scheduling in matters relevant to school, visitation, sports activities, vacations and so forth, but, ultimately, it is an ancillary tool of limited scope.

As noted in the above-cited profiling of SmartCoparent, “separated parents must still team up to parent their young.”

Experienced divorce counsel well versed in child custody/visitation matters can provide timely, on-point and continued input into that key process by helping parents with practical custody arrangements. Co-parenting rules and processes are a central part of that, as is court involvement with any request for material modification of an existing agreement.