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This whole “separate or marital property” distinction: What is it?

Eternal wedded bliss is, well, a concept.

And, of course, it does turn out to be a happy reality for select couples who tie the marital knot in New Jersey and elsewhere.

Here’s a caveat, though, which we all know to be true from exhaustive research and — in legions of cases nationally — personal experience: A good many marriages do end in divorce.

That reality arguably calls for a measure of prudence, that is, a timely focus on a party’s acquired assets that exist prior to a linked union that, again, hopefully endures for a lifetime.

The national publication Business Insider recently spotlighted the due care that a would-be marrying person might thoughtfully seek to exercise when contemplating personal holdings prior to marriage.

It is often the case that those assets are varied and considerable, especially for an individual who is marrying relatively late or is embarking on a second or subsequent union. Many people own homes, have inherited money and/or have significant investment savings.

Those holdings are legally deemed “separate” property, as opposed to “marital” wealth that a court deems jointly held by a married couple. A notable point concerning the former is that it can be reclassified as the latter when not properly identified and carefully managed during marriage.

Some individuals might have a “Who cares?” attitude regarding that outcome.

Most people, though, have due concern for assets they accumulated prior to marriage, as well as strong reasons justifying their continued designation as separate property.

Those individuals might reasonably want to have a candid and confidential conversation with a proven family law and property division attorney. An experienced lawyer can provide sound legal counsel concerning asset identification and safeguarding during marriage and in the event of a divorce.



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