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Is New Jersey real estate investment an attractive opportunity now?

Real estate – that is, the buying, selling and leasing of residential and commercial properties – can make for an iffy proposition.

Indeed, questions can abound for parties contemplating a realty-linked transaction. Will civic improvements on the horizon increase the value of local properties? Is a recession just around the corner? How might crime levels, taxes, weather, business entries/exits and additional factors play into rental, sales and lease prices?

Some of those above-cited factors are known, with others ultimately requiring some guesswork and a good-faith plunge into – or pullback from – a contemplated transaction.

As far as the New Jersey residential market is concerned, one online real estate investment news provider is decidedly a glass-half-full conveyor of relevant information.

The bottom line espoused by NuWire Investor is this: If you’re a potential investor, be optimistic.

In fact, go ahead and be a bit bullish. According to NuWire, New Jersey real estate “is poised for explosive growth.”

The reasons why are reportedly several. For starters, there is a steady – and growing – exodus of individuals and families from environs like New York City and Philadelphia, with legions of long-time denizens of those places looking for more sedate and affordable housing options.

Moreover, evidence is pointing toward the forward movement of transportation projects and other major initiatives that have been stalled for years owing to a recessionary drag. NuWire predicts that when a number of planned projects are finished, “growth will skyrocket throughout the Garden State.” And, ironically, New Jersey’s high property tax rate could actually invite realty investment, owing to “hordes of tenants who will reliably rent for years.”

Nothing is certain, of course, but good news is, well, good news.

Any individual or company principal with questions or concerns regarding real estate transactions in New Jersey might reasonably consider contacting an experienced attorney who routinely represents diverse clients in realty matters all across the state.

Proven legal counsel can perform due diligence, facilitate closings, help cure defects, negotiate deals and, when necessary, protect a valued client’s interests through litigation.



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