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Prenups getting a balanced look from Millennials

It has indeed been a sustained slog for prenuptial agreements en route to their widespread acceptance in New Jersey and nationally.

Perceived for decades — and still now — by many self-appraisers as marital “deal breakers,” prenups have steadily traversed a long road that now finally accords them full status in the realm of recognized and respected legal agreements.

Again, the journey has been arduous. Years ago, legions of prospective spouses wouldn’t even contemplate raising the idea of a prenuptial agreement with their partner for fear that it would throttle love and instill deep mistrust into a marriage.

Reportedly, that is flatly foreign and by-the-wayside thinking for a huge swath of Millennials that are now beginning to marry in large numbers. Unlike many of their parents, they see a prenup in a quite rational way. Namely, that is as a planning vehicle that enables them to identify what’s important in marriage, talk about it and, when deemed necessary, put a legal stamp on it.

That they would want to do so is obvious. A recent New York Times article on Millennials’ growing acceptance of prenuptial contracts notes that the demographic is collectively marrying at a later age than was the case for prior generations.

That means this: Many Millennials have several salaried years behind them and a considerable amount of assets to protect as they contemplate marriage.

And the Times notes, too, “the changing role of women in the work force.” It’s flatly the case that females are increasingly embracing full-time careers. They understandably want to safeguard against the downsides of a failed marriage some years down the road.

The bottom line is that prenups are solidly out of the closet and being increasingly viewed by America’s younger marrying generation as potentially valuable tools that assist marriage planning and help alleviate risk.

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