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Some time-honored and candid divorce advice

We reference a slightly dusted-off article from earlier this year in today’s blog post to underscore a divorce-related point that merits reiteration from time to time.

And that is this, provided courtesy of Forbes: If you’re an individual from New Jersey or elsewhere going through the divorce process, rely upon professionals.

Centrally, that means your attorney, of course, which you hopefully selected pursuant to some reasonable method of due diligence.

You’re not going to do Ph.D.-level research to find your optimal legal advocate, of course, but know that you don’t have to. There are many viable and relatively pain-free ways to align yourself with skilled and empathetic counsel. Contact your local bar association. Consult with friends and co-workers who might have shared upside experiences relative to their relationship with a select lawyer. Do a bit of online digging. Interview a few potential candidates (hint: any attorney who might be right will welcome the opportunity to speak with you).

And once you’ve found that attorney, confidently rely upon his or her proven advice and strategies. You’re likely to receive all kinds of counsel from people who – let’s be candid here – have no legal training and really don’t know what they are talking about. “Rely on your qualified team,” duly notes the author of the above-cited Forbes piece.

Here’s another takeaway from the realm of divorce representation tips: Be honest – brutally so – with your advocate. A seasoned family law attorney needs to know everything material concerning your divorce, ranging from kid-centric topics to financial considerations. Disclosing key factors and facts only empowers your advocate and divorce team as it seeks to promote your best interests.

In concluding this post, it certainly merits mentioning that the just-cited “team” might reasonably include professionals in addition to your attorney. Divorce is often complex and difficult. Input from people like accountants and counselors is sometimes helpful and even imperative.

Your attorney well appreciates that. In fact, most proven divorce lawyers are able to supply their clients with solid referral choices in the event that some non-legal input is required.

Divorce is a transitional event that is generally marked by stress and a high level of angst for most people. A divorcing party who secures a competent and compassionate legal advocate to help guide the process can often avoid downsides incurred by the less prepared.



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