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Do divorced NJ parents have a duty to help pay for college costs?

That above-posed headline query is an interesting question, isn’t it? Legions of divorced parents in New Jersey and elsewhere badly want to help their off-to-school children, but not all of them are financially equipped to do so in an unlimited way.

The subject matter is decidedly a family law issue, and one that we recurringly deal with from a depth of experience and know-how at The Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh, L.L.C. Our Somerville law firm advises valued clients regarding relevant state law and helps them reach clear understanding on the matter that is subsequently reflected in clearly drafted legal instruments.

And we are sensitive to the topic. We note on a relevant website page that parental college contribution is a “hot-button issue” and can easily be “a sticking point for blue-collar families as well as high net worth families.”

Parents with questions or concerns regarding upper-level educational costs can obtain both clarity and a viable on-point strategy concerning college funding via a candid and confidential discussion with Rajeh A. Saadeh. Our principal attorney has a deep well of experience promoting the interests of family law clients in divorce-linked financial matters.

We can state here in general terms that New Jersey law does stress a parental duty to help pay for a child’s college costs. There is a caveat to that, though, namely, that a court will be guided by a number of enumerated factors pursuant to reaching a decision on contributions.

As we note on our website, a proven family law attorney can help a client take proactive action to “get in front of this issue [and] avoid conflicts or surprises later.”

Doing so can materially promote both financial stability and peace of mind.



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