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What is the overriding interest, even in the Bezos Amazon divorce?

It’s essentially a matter of degree.

Spouses in New Jersey or elsewhere with a modest amount of wealth reasonably want to ensure that they are treated fairly when it comes to distribution of marital assets. Their equitable piece of the pie might be focused on the family home, a company-sponsored savings vehicle, a bank account and personal property they wish to retain in post-divorce life.

Other soon-to-be exes in marriages marked by comparatively greater wealth often focus on an expanded asset pool. That can logically encompass things like securities, stock options, a family business, jewelry and art collections and multiple parcels of real property.

And some divorcing spouses simply want money.

Like $68.5 billion, for instance.

That is not a misprint. Indeed, it is the default go-to amount being cited these days in legions of media reports spotlighting the seminal divorce of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his wife (at least for a short time longer) MacKenzie. The couple reportedly has financial holdings – mostly in Amazon stock – worth about $137 billion. A recent Atlantic article chronicling the unprecedented decoupling duly notes that MacKenzie will likely emerge from the divorce as “the world’s richest woman.”

One commentator in the Atlantic piece stresses that virtually any high-asset divorce (even a marital split involving just a tiny fraction of the wealth wielded by Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos would qualify as such) is “incredibly more complicated” than most marital breakups.

That added complexity doesn’t automatically equate to increased challenges or rancor during the divorce process, though. Indeed, the so-called “Amazon divorce” is reputedly marked by a good dose of civility and even amicability. We note on our website at the Somerville Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh that, “In many ways, a large estate provides greater opportunities for a settlement that is amenable to both parties.”

A proven family law attorney with extensive experience helping diverse clients in divorce-linked asset division matters can provide further information.



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