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New Jersey lawmakers focus on foreclosure woes, reforms

The Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh is a long-tenured New Jersey real estate law firm that routinely works diligently to promote the best interests of challenged homeowners. We duly note on our legal website that we “will fight to save your home or negotiate on your behalf the best possible terms for selling or surrendering the property.”

The potential for aggressively employing one of those strategies is definitely on the table in many instances for financially challenged New Jersey homeowners. The state has been a well-documented venue for some years now as a locale where comparatively high numbers of property owners have faced foreclosure challenges from lenders.

Sometimes those entities have engaged in good faith to find a mutually satisfactory solution to debt woes that help keep a homeowner in place and in compliance with payment obligations. Unfortunately, though, many lenders resort quickly to hard-ball tactics that are arguably in nobody’s best interests – not even their own.

A proven real estate attorney with demonstrated acumen in foreclosure defense can often help a pressured homeowner forge an equitable solution.

That might be an informed and forceful response that challenges the merits of a lender’s claim. We underscore on our website that some financial arms don’t routinely act in good faith. Rather, they engage in “shoddy, unfair or predatory practices” that can be brought to a court’s attention and defeated.

Sometimes, too, a mortgage alternative might be worthwhile pursuing. In other instance, a valued client’s interests are potentially best promoted through the execution of a viable exit strategy.

New Jersey legislators are acutely aware of the debilitating effects that a protracted foreclosure process and high foreclosure rate have upon the state across multiple dimensions. State lawmakers are currently considering a number of bills that proponents think can help alleviate the foreclosure challenge.

We will spotlight some of the relevant details in our next blog post.



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