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What is the enduring constant in family law?

“We are fluent in family law and the way forward.”

When we state that on our website at the Bridgewater Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh, we do so with keen appreciation for a factor that is paramount in family-centric matters in New Jersey and across the country.

That is change, which is unquestionably an enduring feature of family law and a key facet of that singular practice area that every legal advocate must note and always prepare for.

The family law realm is progressively paved with change, and thankfully so. Imagine if many of yesteryear’s canonized family law notions continued unchecked today, without appreciation for fundamental changes that have occurred in families and in society.

There was a time not long ago when sole custody of a family’s children was awarded in default fashion to a mother following divorce, with scant post-divorce involvement with the kids at all for dad. Many people remember when even talking about a prenuptial agreement was taboo and a virtual death knell for romantic love. Today’s wonderfully diverse and vibrant families were far less common in generations past. Cohabitation was rare. And, of course, same-sex marriage was flatly illegal all across the country.

A recent article that presents findings from analysts at the Pew Research Center spotlights the seismic and ongoing transformation of American family law. It duly points out that the landscape “has shifted dramatically in recent decades.”

Proven and empathetic family law attorneys welcome that flux and change, given that it is in response to the realities marking the deep complexity and richness inherent in American families.

Questions or concerns regarding any family law matter can be directed to an experienced lawyer with a deep well of experience in that practice area. An established and caring advocate will always welcome the chance to help valued clients respond to challenges and take full advantage of new opportunities.