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Court’s child support focus: What is the kids’ best interest here?

We routinely strive for our family law blogs at the Somerville Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh to be reliable and relevant sources of information for our readers across New Jersey and elsewhere. We don’t do “fluff” pieces, and we purposely steer clear of celebrity-tied stories that are more fodder than substance.

Candidly, though, we don’t simply rule out a post because it spotlights a high-profile figure. Indeed, some family law subject matter rings especially relevant precisely because it does link to a well-known person. As such, it arguably commands additional value for many readers who instantly recognize a face or name. An important point can sometimes be effectively conveyed when a celebrity is involved.

Hello, Miguel Cabrera. In the professional baseball world, that individual is a true titan and globally tracked future Hall of Fame player. Cabrera is well paid for his services, reportedly commanding an annual salary of about $30 million per year.

For purposes of our blog, he is also relevant as a parent embroiled in what one national news account recently termed an “18-month-old legal slug fest.”

The material facts of that dispute can be quickly conveyed. Bottom line: Cabrera had a years’ long shadow relationship with a mistress that bore two children. When she sued him for child support a couple years ago, he argued that those children did not merit the same level of support received by the three offspring he has with his wife.

Guess who struck out?

The judge overseeing the case applied the time-honored “best interests of the children” standard to the case, delivering a ruling that will likely surprise few, if any, readers. Cabrera must now provide for all his children in the same manner.



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