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The Right Lawyers Make a Difference

Will your divorce attorney work well with other team members?

Here is a defining attribute for any family law attorney worth your valued consideration as a prospective client: That individual will be 100% focused on always promoting your best interests. Legal representation is a privileged honor for an attorney. A seasoned professional never forgets that.

That realization implies certain things. Foremost, perhaps, is its linked assurance with an honest assessment of all material points relevant to your family law matter. That is coupled with timeliness, regular communication and thoughtful consideration of your expressed views regarding strategies and next steps.

Those next steps sometimes invite consideration of input from third parties who might be helpful in your case, as noted in a recent article on divorce representation. That might be relatively rare in simple and uncontested marital dissolutions, but it is quite common for professionals other than your lawyer to provide value in more complex matters.

The National Law Review piece notes several of those. Escalated tensions and concerns often arise where child custody disagreements surface, for example. And they similarly do so in matters involving “alleged dissipation of assets or valuing a business.” In such cases, it is worth considering input from forensic accountants, child counselors and other parties.

A proven and empathetic family law attorney will not be averse to a team approach when it is likely to promote optimal client results. In fact, your legal counsel will assuredly raise the issue with you.

That is certainly our approach at the New Jersey Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh. We note on our firm’s website that our representation often includes “coordinating with third-party mediators, accountants, financial planners, valuation experts and other professionals.”

We welcome inquiries to the firm to discuss your family law matter and how diligent legal advocacy can optimally promote your best interests.



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