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June 2019 Archives

Who pays for college after a divorce?

The costs of college tuition and related expenses have been steadily rising across New Jersey and the rest of the country for decades. According to ValuePenguin, the average cost to attend an in-state college per year totals $13,870 in 2019. Across the country, the average cost of tuition at a public or private four-year college totals $25,620 and $34,740, respectively.

5 ways to prepare for a Divorce

A divorce can pose a heavy, emotional toll on an individual. Gathering multiple financial documents, to potential custody issues to asset division, finalizing a divorce is no small feat.

Some relevant research cited in near wake of Father’s Day

Last Sunday spelled the yearly shout out to dads from kids in New Jersey and across the country. The annual rite of Father’s Day has once again left many millions of American fathers with a new stockpile of belts, neckties, underwear and cordless drills.

You find a problem after buying the house: What do you do now?

Some New Jersey home buyers seek perfection in the house they hope to purchase. Others are hard-core realists, fully expecting to find a few things that will need to be updated or otherwise modified. Real estate participants obviously differ in their expectations and attitudes.

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