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5 ways to prepare for a Divorce

A divorce can pose a heavy, emotional toll on an individual. Gathering multiple financial documents, to potential custody issues to asset division, finalizing a divorce is no small feat.

If you are considering a divorce, you aren’t in rare company. Though declining, 40 to 50% of all marriages currently end in divorce. There are ways to prepare – from talking to others who have gone through a divorce to planning for your kids (if need be).

Below are some tips to ready yourself for the inevitable adversity ahead.

  • Talk to someone who has gone through a divorce: In any situation, it’s great to gain perspective. Diving in head first is rarely a way to win, which is why talking to someone you trust can help ease your nerves. While it’s great to gain perspective from a familiar face, if you are looking for expert advice regarding your divorce, it would be best to consult a divorce attorney.
  • Create a plan for your kids: Divorce is already traumatic enough for children. Developing and sticking to a unified plan, will benefit both you and your child in the future.
  • Get your finances in order: Whether modest or otherwise, dividing assets and debts is always a major cog in divorce proceedings. Gathering your financial documents including: checking/savings account statements, loan records, tax returns, credit card statements and a list of your assets can be vitally important to your success in a divorce.
  • Stay single: In some states, having a relationship outside of your marriage during the proceedings can hinder your chance at receiving the benefits you’ve been fighting for. In these cases, phone calls, emails, text messages or any other form of communication can be used against you to prove infidelity.
  • Get all assets evaluated before you choose to leave your partner: Property and assets have tremendous value to both parties. Come prepared when you choose to begin the divorce process.

There are so many ways to prepare for a divorce. Some divorces are friendly and settled quickly and fairly, but others are full of tension. In these situations, the more information at you and your attorney’s disposal, the better.



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