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Some relevant research cited in near wake of Father’s Day

Last Sunday spelled the yearly shout out to dads from kids in New Jersey and across the country. The annual rite of Father’s Day has once again left many millions of American fathers with a new stockpile of belts, neckties, underwear and cordless drills.

And it has unquestionably spawned their thankfulness for offspring they clearly cherish. Recent study findings from the nonprofit Pew Research Center reveal what is hardly surprising to the vast collective of fathers across the country.

That is this: Dads love their kids. Many of them readily admit that they do so imprecisely and imperfectly, but that self-doubt is coupled with compelling new evidence underscoring their commitment to being top-tier parents.

Pew researchers point to a slew of data to support that. Pew’s bottom-line takeaway from a vast trove of culled data stresses that “dads are much more involved in child care than they were 50 years ago.”

Truth be told, dads’ stepped-up parenting role looks dramatically different than it did even a few short years ago. Fatherhood across the United States is a changing landscape, with ever-more dads staying at home to assume greater child-rearing roles.

That evolving reality obviously has material implications in the family law realm in New Jersey and nationally, and in a manner that research staunchly concludes is generally in children’s best interests. We duly note that on our website at the proven Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh in Somerville. We stress therein that “family courts presume children are best served by having both parents involved in their life.”

We welcome contacts from both mothers and fathers having questions or concerns regarding any family law matter. Our diverse and valued clients can always rest assured that they will be treated with empathy and respect, and that our deep legal team will focus upon their legal issues and challenges with utmost diligence.



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