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Single parent, better father: there is evidence-based proof of this

Some self-doubting fathers in New Jersey and elsewhere find out that they’re exceptional dads – after divorce.

That is the bottom-line takeaway underscored in a recent article that stresses an ultimate reality many fathers never envisioned during their marriages.

One post-breakup dad puts it this way: His new status as a single parent, he says, “forced me to step forward and take responsibilities for dealing with situations that in the past I probably would have just left for my wife.”

When that option no longer exists in parent-child interactions following divorce, many dads are finding out that they command parenting acumen they never thought they had while married.

And they relish the feeling.

The publication Fatherly cites an enduring family-centric cliché, namely, the “unengaged, beer-swilling and girlfriend-revolving ‘weekend dad.’” Increasingly, it notes, that depiction is being revealed as a fallacy. Loving and committed fathers coast to coast are eroding it through their resolve to maintain a strong and meaningful presence in their children’s lives post-divorce.

As Fatherly notes, many of them are surprisingly finding that their “dad” skills are actually improved rather than atrophied following a marital split. A collectively expressed opinion stresses that better parenting is possible for fathers “no longer drained by marital conflict.”

Family laws in New Jersey and nationally have been progressively moving for years away from long-held notions stressing moms’ primacy and dads’ peripheral status concerning child custody following divorce. It’s not exactly a secret that loving fathers continue to feel and act similarly toward their kids after a breakup. Many of them logically step up to play an even bigger role than they did during an ultimately failed marriage.

We recognize that at the proven Somerville Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh. We stress on our website New Jersey courts’ presumption “that children are best served by having both parents involved in their life.”

We proudly represent both mothers and fathers in family law matters, welcoming contacts to our firm.



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