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September 2019 Archives

Dynamic realty realm spotlighted in national report

We note on the real estate page of our website at the Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh in Somerville that our experienced legal team diligently represents the interests of both buyers and sellers in realty-linked transactions. We also provide comprehensive legal services for real estate investors, entrepreneurs and established industry principalsd across a comprehensive range of commercial transactions.

What you can expect after a DUI arrest

Whether it's your first DUI or you have a previous conviction on your record, you understand that this specific type of criminal offense can affect your life in many ways. You know that you need a strong defense, but it may help to simply start by understanding more about what to expect after a DUI traffic stop and arrest. Knowing what to expect can help you move forward with the defense process with confidence. 

Why are couples more likely to divorce after 7 years of marriage?

There are many reasons why people choose to move forward with divorce. Money plays a significant role in many divorces, but every situation is different, and people make this choice for reasons that are both relevant and deeply personal. If you are facing the prospect of divorce, you know how difficult this situation can be. 

Relevant NJ divorce focus: treatment of income, Part 2

We referenced a landmine that potentially exists for select New Jersey divorcing parties in our immediately preceding blog post. We noted in our September 11 entry that material and unanticipated problems can arise for soon-to-be exes who “fail to properly distinguish among different forms of income during the dissolution process.”

How you can avoid problems when buying a condo

Are you considering the purchase of a condo in New Jersey? It can be an exciting step to purchase a new home, but it is in your interests to proceed carefully and thoughtfully during this time. There are certain problems you may experience that are unique to condo living and condominium ownership, but there are ways to avoid common problems.

Protecting your long-term financial interests when divorcing

The end of a marriage may be a representation of significant financial change for both parties. It's not always easy to navigate these changes, especially when you are also dealing with the emotional and mental strain that can come with a divorce as well. Fortunately, there are some choices that you can make during divorce that allow you to preserve your long-term financial interests.