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How you can avoid problems when buying a condo

Are you considering the purchase of a condo in New Jersey? It can be an exciting step to purchase a new home, but it is in your interests to proceed carefully and thoughtfully during this time. There are certain problems you may experience that are unique to condo living and condominium ownership, but there are ways to avoid common problems.

Any type of real estate purchase is a major financial investment and legal step. While buying a condo is similar to buying a single-family house, there are key differences. Before you make an offer or sign on the dotted line, you may want to seek guidance and assess your situation carefully.

What’s different about condo living?

Many neighborhoods have homeowners’ associations. These are organizations that preserve the integrity of the look of the neighborhood, enforce rules and take care of common areas. These groups can also take action against a resident who refuses to comply with the rules and is affecting other residents. In many cases, this organization has professional management from an outside company that knows how to run an HOA.

This is not always the case with a condominium community. These are often smaller associations, run by residents. While you may think this sounds like a good idea, in reality, residents are not always able to work together well. And without the support and guidance of an outside management group, it can be quite difficult to navigate disagreements. This is especially prevalent in cases where the condo association is quite small and with odd numbers. This can easily pit neighbors against each other.

So, what can you do? 

If you are thinking about moving forward with the purchase of a condominium, it will be helpful to take the time to carefully review all the terms of the association’s contract. It is also prudent to carefully review the terms of any purchase agreement before you sign. Doing your due diligence can allow you to know what to expect and how you can protect yourself before you even move in.

Buying a home is a major decision, but you do not have to take this step alone. There is significant benefit in working with an experienced legal ally before and during the purchase process. With guidance, you will be more likely to make choices that will benefit your family for years to come.



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