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Concerns shared by some highly affluent divorcing women

It’s not all about simply toasting yourself in the mirror if/when you obtain a divorce settlement that leaves you unquestionably rich and likely financially advantaged for the rest of your life.

Indeed, notes the publication Financial Times, spouses who obtain divorce settlements marked by truly outsized wealth often have singular concerns – even notable challenges and worries. Many of them stress over how to feel and live responsibly amid their figurative and literal good fortune.

Especially women.

Wealthy divorcing women is the demographic spotlighted by the Times in a recent article discussing high-asset marital dissolution. The global media source stresses that many members of that group embark on a “transition that raises many questions, not least about how to manage money.”

Of course, legions of women in America and across the world know exactly how to deal with and grow uber-sized assets. It is often the case that they were key contributors during marriage to as amassed fortune, and know all key details concerning their marital wealth intimately.

That is not usually the case, though, reports the Times. The paper underscores the situation of “a low- or non-earning [female] spouse who suddenly becomes independently wealthy.” That is prevalent in many truly high-asset decouplings, especially when a wife forgoes career involvement or aspirations to play a key role as home manager and child rearer.

If marriage ends under that scenario, a divorcing wife/mom might understandably have some angst over receiving a massive divorce settlement. Such an outcome is a good thing, of course, but necessitates true reflection and exacting due diligence, with its attached learning curve often being dauntingly sharp.

Of course, people do deal with that, managing well to secure their fortune and apply in it self-meaningful ways. What they don’t know, they learn.

High-asset divorces are obviously singular in many ways. Questions or concerns regarding any aspect of property division or marital wealth in such a dissolution can be directed to a proven family law attorney who routinely works with high-net-worth divorce clients.

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