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Yes, family law focuses on divorce … and so much more

We surmise at the Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh that most individuals and families in New Jersey contemplating the term “family law” think primarily – perhaps immediately – of divorce.

And that is understandable. Many clients of our established Bridgewater law firm who seek our professional advocacy reach out to us because they face distinct divorce-linked challenges. It is unquestionably true that marital dissolution is a prominent cog in the family law universe.

That realm, though, encompasses far more than divorce. One extensive article on family law duly emphasizes its sheer scope and variety through noting that it “focuses on issues involving family relationships.”

What could possibly be more varied and complex than that?

We implicitly endorse that “family law is an exceptionally broad realm” message on our website by noting our firm’s long involvement in “all aspects” of that legal sphere. In underscoring the firm’s routine guidance and representation across the “full spectrum” of family law challenges, we spotlight our involvement in matters such as these:

  • All material divorce-linked issues, ranging from spousal support (alimony) to fair asset division between splitting partners
  • Key child-linked matters, including custody, visitation rights and support
  • Issues linked to third-party rights (e.g., grandparents’ prerogatives)
  • Enforcement actions and modification of court orders relevant to broad-ranging concerns
  • Paternity and adoption
  • Domestic violence concerns

Those bulleted entries notably comprise encompassing territory, yet they are just a partial listing of elevated family law concerns that can emerge as prominent in a given case.

An individual having questions or concerns regarding any family law matter can speak candidly and confidentially with a legal team having proven experience in that special legal realm.