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How broad is the universe of neighbor-linked property disputes?

Perhaps the most obvious thing to be said about real estate disputes is that they run a wide gamut. We prominently note that on our website at the established Somerville Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh, a law firm with a demonstrated record of advocacy on behalf of diverse real estate clients.

We underscore online the “complex matters centered around real estate” and the “broad spectrum” of challenges that can arise for both individuals and commercial entities.

Particularly vexing realty-linked issues sometimes arise for residential property owners, especially issues marked by one or more matters of contention involving a neighbor.

In a perfect world, neighbors are routinely best friends and allies, of course. The biggest argument between friends communicating across a fence line might involve the choice of pie to serve at a backyard barbecue.

In the real world, though … . Well, we all know what happens with some regularity there. Property disputes in New Jersey and nationally frequently crop up between neighbors, entailing a scope and dimension that can only be addressed by litigation. Here are just a few representative matters that escalate property-linked tensions between neighbors:

  • Boundary disputes (e.g., quite-title issues, adverse possession and easements; issues involving such matters must often be resolved with help from a proven real estate attorney)
  • Restricted views (imagine your neighbor building a shed that entirely cuts off your view to a park or lake)
  • Noise (hard rock tunes routinely blaring past midnight?)
  • Generally deteriorating conditions (unsightly buildings, uncut grass, vehicles/trailers scattered about, etc).

Neighbors have legal rights over their property, of course, but they are not unlimited and cannot be exercised in a manner that unlawfully interferes with the rights of adjoining homeowners.

Questions or concerns regarding neighbor disputes can be addressed to an experienced real estate attorney.



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