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Some HOA basics to consider for planned-community dwellers

New Jersey homeowners with properties in planned communities overseen by homeowners associations often have mixed reactions about HOAs.

Some love the entity that manages their community’s property and common areas via specially created covenants, conditions and restrictions. Others abhor it and seemingly have constant run-ins with their governing body. Others still have an essentially balanced and nuanced view.

There is no scarcity of varied views, given that 73 million-plus Americans reportedly live in communities managed by HOAs.

The bottom line with a homeowners association is that, regardless of what a homeowner might think of his or her HOA, knowledge concerning its rules and dutiful compliance with them is essential for harmonious living. An in-depth article on HOAs stresses that “potential trouble” awaits for a homeowner who flouts community edicts and that failure to abide by HOA rules “can result in unpleasant consequences.”

Some dwellers find association mandates overly intrusive and irritating. Others are grateful for them. HOA rules violations commonly address things like the following:

  • Excessive noise
  • Outside storage
  • Pets
  • Landscaping
  • Home design modifications
  • Vehicles (number, type, parking)
  • Subletting

Some tenants find HOA responses that yield “no” answers and/or fines to be petty. Others view them as being entirely reasonable and necessary to promote community peace and order.

The above-cited article underscores the importance of timely addressing a violation rather than ignoring it. A homeowner who feels that he or she has a material and legitimate grievance with a homeowners association might reasonably want to contact a proven real estate attorney well grounded in HOA matters without delay.