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January 2020 Archives

The challenges you may face when trying to buy a home

Buying a new home is an exciting step for a prospective New Jersey homeowner. However, there can be certain challenges you may first have to overcome before you can get the key and start moving in. In fact, some of the most significant hurdles you might have to deal with can arise between when the seller accepts the offer on your home and the closing.

Facing foreclosure in New Jersey? You are not alone

Struggling with debt and falling behind on a mortgage can make a person feel scared and isolated. However, it is important to understand that you are not alone if you are in this situation. Hundreds of thousands of other people can go through this process every year.

Don't let these money-saving measures cost you a fair divorce

Getting a divorce can be stressful for several reasons. People can be scared about what will happen to their children; they may be bracing for a bitter, contentious legal batter. On top of these concerns, people can be worried about how much their divorce will cost.

Charged with theft? Here is what you need to know.

Theft covers a range of criminal offenses with various degrees of penalties. Depending on the nature of your specific case, you could be facing jail time, substantial fines, restitution and other punishment. It is in your interests to learn more about these types of charges and how you can defend against these allegations. 

Insulating your children from your divorce as much as possible

Your marital relationship has reached a point where you decided it was time to go your separate ways. Part of your reasoning may be because you don't want to continue subjecting your children to your arguing, discord and ill feelings toward each other. After all, they aren't the reason that you and your spouse can no longer live together as a married couple.

January annually a key month in the divorce realm

There’s a clear reason why every machine and piece of workout equipment seems to be in constant use during January in health clubs in New Jersey and nationally. The same holds true to explain an annual January uptick in subscribers to weight-loss programs and various self-help programs of all sorts.

Getting divorced? Here's what you should know about alimony

When you go through a divorce, you know that your financial interests are on the line. It's important to secure a final order that provides you with stability and security well into the future, and for you, this may include getting alimony. Alimony, also called spousal support, are payments made from the higher-earning spouse to the other spouse after divorce.

Single-parent households: an increasing reality in American life

The United States is unquestionably different from other nations spanning the globe in myriad ways. The country’s racial and ethnic diversity is pronounced. Political views range broadly across a seemingly endless spectrum. The U.S. commands the world’s largest economy and is comparatively blessed with an abundance of natural resources unrivaled anywhere else.

Which type of protective order would benefit your situation?

Due to factors that you cannot control the choices of your partner or someone else who lives in your home, it's possible you may live in fear for your safety or that of your children. In this situation, it may be wise to consider the benefits of a certain type of protective order. These are legal orders that can help protect you from the continued threat of harm.