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Don’t let these money-saving measures cost you a fair divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2020 | Divorce

Getting a divorce can be stressful for several reasons. People can be scared about what will happen to their children; they may be bracing for a bitter, contentious legal batter. On top of these concerns, people can be worried about how much their divorce will cost.

Stress over the cost of a divorce is understandable, particularly in New Jersey, where we rank in the top six states of most expensive places to divorce. However, to save money, some people make misguided choices that can prove to be quite costly.

Keeping it too informal

Litigating a divorce is indeed formal and typically more expensive than other dispute resolution methods. However, there is value to having some formality during a divorce. 

For instance, if you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have an informal spousal support arrangement, there may be nothing to stop either of you from violating it. And the courts may have no power to enforce the agreement if they never approved it.

Therefore, when it comes to agreements over money, parental rights or property division, you might take an informal approach to reaching decisions, but having court-approved orders will be crucial. 

Accepting template agreements

It is not difficult to find divorce-related templates online. However, templates are often used as guides or starting points when it comes to divorce. 

Solely relying on a form may help you reach decisions more quickly, but doing so all but ensures that any extenuating circumstances or unique factors will not be considered. A person could wind up missing out on support or property he or she deserved.

It is also possible to use the wrong form, resulting in avoidable delays and legal challenges.

Using anecdotal evidence

People often turn to friends and families for support and guidance during a divorce. However, assuming that your experience will play out the same as someone else’s is a mistake. 

Every person’s experience and case is different. Instead of using anecdotal evidence to drive decisions on divorce-related matters, you would be wise to speak to someone about your specific situation and options.

There are ways to minimize expenses during divorce, but these missteps could ultimately cost you more than you think.