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Single-parent households: an increasing reality in American life

The United States is unquestionably different from other nations spanning the globe in myriad ways. The country’s racial and ethnic diversity is pronounced. Political views range broadly across a seemingly endless spectrum. The U.S. commands the world’s largest economy and is comparatively blessed with an abundance of natural resources unrivaled anywhere else.

The American family too comprises an element of national life that is distinctly different in a collective sense from what exists in other nations.

All countries, as a matter of fact.

Recently authored research conducted by the respected Pew Research Center indicates that the United States stands singular and alone on earth for a quite notable reason. The organization states that “study of 130 countries and territories shows that the U.S. has the world’s highest rate of children living in single-parent households.”

Is that a positive or negative reality? A reasoned answer to the question must necessarily be nuanced and spells research for another day. Today’s Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh blog post merely underscores the point.

Moreover, we note that the bottom line is decidedly stark. Reportedly, about 25% of all American children under 18 reside at home with a single parent and no other adults. That percentage exceeds the world average by more than a three-fold margin.

The reasons for such a high number are several and varied. They centrally include factors such as a rising trend in births that take place outside marriage and a decline in marriage for parents.

Divorce is obviously a prime catalyst as well, with special implications for matters surrounding child custody. We’ll take a look at that in an upcoming post.