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February 2020 Archives

What happens to a parent who violates a custody order?

Custody orders are in place to protect children and parental rights. They dictate with whom a child will live, whether a parent will have visitation, and who can make legal decisions for a child. They are legal orders with which parents must comply. 

Want to co-parent? It might be harder than you think.

Divorce can take a toll on every member of a New Jersey family, especially the youngest ones. Kids often experience stress and emotional complications when their parents separate or divorce, and for this reason, many families opt to co-parent. This type of custody arrangement is often beneficial because it provides kids with the opportunity to maintain strong relationships with both parents after a divorce. 

As always, local and national foreclosure updates revealing

The Inman Group recently released findings relevant to both New Jersey and national foreclosures. That organization – an entity that provides the country’s realtors and brokers with broad-based industry information – underscores what is essentially a mixed bag on residential real estate health both locally and spanning the United States.

4 defects sellers must disclose when selling a home in New Jersey

Buying a house is exciting, but it can also be risky. There is a lot of money on the line, not to mention the experience people will have in their new home for years to come. To make these experiences as positive as possible, buyers should be able to feel confident that they know what they are getting when they purchase a home.

What does it mean to face white collar criminal charges?

Facing criminal charges of any kind is a serious threat to your future. This is true for white collar criminal charges, even though these cases typically lack an element of violence. If you find yourself under investigation or already charged with this type of financial crime, it is in your interests to act quickly to start working on an effective and appropriate defense strategy. 

Can we modify child custody orders?

Adjusting to a custody and visitation plan can be a challenge for any New Jersey parent. But over time, it gets easier. The exchanges are more predictable; the acute negative feelings parents may have toward each other may subside; a child can settle into a new normal.