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Want to co-parent? It might be harder than you think.

Divorce can take a toll on every member of a New Jersey family, especially the youngest ones. Kids often experience stress and emotional complications when their parents separate or divorce, and for this reason, many families opt to co-parent. This type of custody arrangement is often beneficial because it provides kids with the opportunity to maintain strong relationships with both parents after a divorce. 

Co-parenting may seem like a good choice for you and your kids. In fact, you may think that this will be an easier custody plan than some of your other options. Before you move forward, it may be helpful to consider the potential difficulties that come with co-parenting. This is not always an easy path, but with a commitment to protecting the best interests of your kids, you can make it work well for every member of your family.

The foundation of good co-parenting

Co-parenting requires cooperation, but it also works best when there is a foundation of mutual respect. While it seems difficult now, it can help to think back to the good parts of your relationship in the past. This can help you maintain a good co-parenting relationship going forward, even during times of disagreement.

Communication is a key to good parenting after a divorce. When you have to work closely with the other parent, you’ll have to be able to communicate well. Open and honest communication can help you avoid disputes, resolve problems quickly and operate as a team to address the needs of the children. It is also helpful if you are flexible. Things won’t always be exactly as you want them to be, but that doesn’t necessarily mean things are bad. 

Don’t put kids in the middle

Kids should never have to make adult decisions, such as choosing between parents. You can spare your child a lot of heartache and stress by handling disputes with the other parent in private. When kids hear their parents disagreeing, it can affect how they view their relationship with one or both of them. It can also cause a child to develop deeply rooted insecurity.

Starting with a solid custody order

The foundation of any good co-parenting relationship is a thoughtful and carefully drafted custody order. When negotiating terms, you will want to think about what will be best long-term, not just what makes sense in the moment. When you have the right perspective, you will be more likely to make choices that will make sense for years to come.



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