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What does it mean to face white collar criminal charges?

Facing criminal charges of any kind is a serious threat to your future. This is true for white collar criminal charges, even though these cases typically lack an element of violence. If you find yourself under investigation or already charged with this type of financial crime, it is in your interests to act quickly to start working on an effective and appropriate defense strategy. 

It’s easy to underestimate the serious nature of white collar crime. After all, it is likely no one suffered physically, and many times these are faceless crimes. However, the government takes these types of offenses seriously, aggressively prosecuting those who allegedly commit these crimes. Thankfully, a guilty plea or a conviction is not your only option. With the right help, you can fight back against these allegations.

Types of white collar crime

White collar crime is financially-motivated crime that typically involves taking money, accessing accounts or stealing sensitive information for financial gain. These are often complex cases, and because much white collar crime takes place online, it is exceptionally hard to prosecute. Some of the most common types of white collar criminal activity include:

  • Embezzlement – This happens when someone takes something from a person to whom he or she owed a certain duty. For example, this happens when a financial advisor takes money entrusted to him or her by clients.
  • Tax evasion – This happens when a person refuses to pay taxes or uses some type of deception to avoid paying what he or she owes. A person may also transfer assets to avoid paying taxes on it.
  • Securities fraud – This happens when a person who has specific information uses it for financial gain, violating his or her duty. A common name for securities fraud is insider trading.

There are many other types of white collar crime, ranging from credit card fraud to identity theft. These crimes can involve both state and federal laws, and the penalties can be significant.

Defending your future

White collar criminal charges are serious, and you would be wise to waste no time in seeking experienced guidance from a New Jersey attorney regarding an appropriate defense strategy. With the support of your legal ally, you can develop a plan that will allow you to effectively confront the case against you and fight for your future interests. You can start this process as soon as possible, even if you are still under investigation. Your future, rights and interests are worth protecting at every step.



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