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June 2020 Archives

Real estate: A common myth about a downpayment in New Jersey

When every last penny counts these days, it's hard for some people to save for the downpayment on a house. There are some things New Jersey residents should know about buying real estate in the state. And one of those things is that a downpayment on a home in New Jersey to qualify for a mortgage is lower than many people think. 

Helping your kids through the divorce process

You know your decision to divorce will impact every member of your family. Sometimes, a divorce can be detrimental to the mental and emotional well-being of the kids, and this is why you want to do everything in your power to minimize the disruption and upheaval they may feel. There are things you can do that will allow you to make this transition better and easier for them.

Real estate: Buy local or buy sight unseen?

Many people like to think about their future finances and one way of being proactive about that is to consider investing. New Jersey residents who consider real estate as part of their investment portfolios can either choose to purchase properties in their own neck of the woods or resort to virtual investing. There are considerations for both.

Don't let the officer talk you into taking field sobriety tests

Like just about everyone else in New Jersey, when someone accuses you of something, your first inclination is to defend yourself. You want your accuser to know your side of the story, and you want to prove your innocence. It may be okay to take this stance in some instances, but not necessarily when it comes to a DUI traffic stop.

Likely no pity party for Bezos’ lost billions in divorce

Divorce is invariably stressful to some degree for all splitting couples in New Jersey and elsewhere. We note at The Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh, though, that “for high earners or married couples with complex estates, there is much more at stake” than is typically the case with more modest decouplings.

Singer Kelly Clarkson files for divorce

Another celebrity couple has decided to end their marriage. Most New Jersey residents are more than likely familiar with popular singer Kelly Clarkson. The Season 1 winner of "American Idol," she recently filed for divorce from her husband of seven years -- Brandon Blackstock. Clarkson filed divorce papers on June 4 under her married name, Kelly Blackstock. 

What things can your HOA regulate?

When you move into a neighborhood with a homeowners' association, it is in your interests to know what an HOA does and what it can control. As a homeowner, it's in your interests to know what you're agreeing to and what it could mean if there is a dispute. HOAs typically regulate and oversee the management and use of common areas, shared amenities and some areas of private property in a neighborhood. 

Why should you think about a prenuptial agreement?

It seems counterproductive to go into a marriage thinking about what could happen if you divorce in the future. In fact, drafting a prenuptial agreement can seem unromantic and pessimistic, and many couples avoid thinking about this step for those reasons. Other couples may think this process is not necessary because they are not wealthy or do not have valuable assets.