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Some fundamental facts and data re domestic abuse in New Jersey

Here’s a preliminary and top-tier point that New Jersey State Police officials seek to underscore for the public concerning domestic violence: It’s egalitarian.

In other words, it can happen to just about anyone.

Law enforcement principals stress that reality on the NJSP website, noting that abuse is inflicted on individuals “regardless of race, age, sexual orientation, religion or gender.” And they additionally spotlight these key points about domestic violence:

  • Victims are from every socioeconomic background
  • Abuse occurs in both heterosexual and same-sex relations
  • Targeted individuals can range from spouses to dating partners

How broad is the scope of domestic violence in New Jersey?

The parameters of conduct that legally comprise domestic abuse in New Jersey are broad indeed. State statutory law lists 19 specific acts that can be adjudged unlawfully abusive conduct. Those range widely from kidnapping, sexual assault, terroristic threats and stalking to robbery, burglary, harassment and additional behaviors.

What action can a domestic violence victim take?

We duly underscore on our website at the proven New Jersey family Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh the sheer urgency that often attaches to a domestic abuse incident. The downsides of not being immediately proactive as a would-be or actual victim can be dire. Indeed, they can sometimes be fatal.

An abused individual can pursue both civil and criminal remedies under New Jersey law. It is often the case that the first order of business is to secure a temporary restraining order.

Some victims must necessarily go beyond that by obtaining a final restraining order as well. Securing an FRO must be accomplished within a limited time period and pursuant to required proofs submitted by the victim. Timely and close input from knowledgeable legal counsel can be instrumental in getting an order of protection.

Violence victims have rights, with strong remedies being available to protect them. An experienced family law attorney can provide further information