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August 2020 Archives

Residential home prices escalate amid new market factors

House prices in the Garden State are continuing to climb amid a new reality of life. A company which tracks the prices of residential homes across the country, including those in New Jersey, has found that the values of homes in seven metropolitan areas of the state have continued to rise since last May. The largest increase was in the Atlantic City area with a hike of 5.7%.

Don't fall for these foreclosure scams

Unexpected financial problems can hit anyone at any time. Even if you did your best to prepare for something like a big medical bill, house repairs or job loss, things can get out of hand pretty quickly. You understand that more than ever now that you are behind on your mortgage and facing foreclosure. But beware of foreclosure scams that seem to offer fail-proof solutions.

Getting through a divorce in the retirement years

More couples who have been together for many years are making the decision to end their marriages. What is known as gray divorce is on the rise in New Jersey and across the country. Although some of these couples have waited to divorce until after their children have grown and look forward to their new-found single status, they are likely in middle age and may be wondering how divorce will affect their retirement.

What can you do if someone trespasses on your property?

As a property owner, you have the right to decide who does or does not come onto your land or into your home. When someone crosses a boundary line and is on your property without permission, that could be trespassing. There are times when these are serious issues that merit a strong response, but it is not always easy to prove in a legal case that someone trespassed.

Commercial real estate and the work from home movement

The new reality that various business sectors have had to contend with lately may affect them moving forward. The commercial real estate market in New Jersey is one such industry affected by more of the workforce working from home. Will fewer companies be looking to lease office spaces moving forward?

As a man, can you receive spousal support?

Though many people still live by traditional gender roles, it is becoming more common for people to decide how household duties, income-earning and child-rearing should occur on a more individual basis rather than on a traditional basis. As a result, you may have been a stay-at-home dad while your wife earned the household income, or you may have had a lesser-paying job than your wife. Whatever the case, your marriage held less traditional views on the role you each played.

Should we have a confidentiality agreement in our divorce?

When a couple's marriage is coming to an end, there is one thing they're likely to agree on and that is keeping their personal issues as private as possible. New Jersey couples heading for divorce might consider having a confidentiality agreement in place. The bottom line is that information that was not publicly known, or known by a spouse prior to a divorce, shouldn't be accessible because of a divorce.