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Creating a parenting plan that makes sense for your family

Going through a divorce is difficult for every member of a New Jersey family, but it can be especially complicated for children. They may not understand what is happening, and they may not want to move or deal with significant changes in their lives. One of the most important things you can do for your kids is to provide them with as much continuity of lifestyle as possible during your divorce and a strong parenting plan after it is final.

A parenting plan centered around the best interests of your children can help you provide stability and security for your kids for years to come. While you may be experiencing many different emotions right now, you may have to set these things aside and focus on what makes sense long term. For a parenting plan to work well, it will likely require you and your spouse to work together.

What’s in your plan?

One of the most beneficial things about crafting a custody and visitation plan with the other parent is that you can make sure your plan makes sense for the unique needs of your kids. You can develop something that will remain workable well into the future. As you think about what you need in your plan and how to make it beneficial for your kids, consider the following:

  • It will be helpful to place yourself in your kids’ shoes. Think about how they feel and what would be best for them from their perspective.
  • Consider the logistics of the choices you are making. You should think about work schedules, school schedules and more.
  • Your kids’ schedules are also an important factor. Think about their extracurricular activities when considering visitation schedules.
  • If your kids are older, you may want to think about involving them in the decision-making process.
  • If your kids have special needs or there are concerns unique to your family, they should factor into your parenting plan.
  • Convenience is not the ultimate goal of any parenting plan. What is most important is protecting the interests of your kids.

Crafting a parenting plan is not the time to get revenge or win some kind of battle with the other parent. It can be difficult to set your own emotions aside and not allow them to drive your decision-making, but this rarely leads to smart decisions. It is helpful to work with a New Jersey attorney who can help you keep your focus on what matters and guide you in your pursuit of a fair custody and visitation schedule.