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5 ways to take care of yourself during a stressful divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2020 | Divorce

Though you likely did not get married with the intention of one day getting a divorce, you now face a situation in which you and your spouse no longer get along for various reasons. You may even have reached a point where you cannot have a civil conversation without fighting. As a result, you anticipate your legal proceedings for ending the marriage to be difficult and contentious.

While you are not alone in dealing with conflict during a divorce, you do have the choice of how to handle the situation overall. This type of ordeal can take a considerable toll on your mental and physical health, so you may want to decide early on that you will take care of yourself and handle the case as well as possible.

How can you get through the divorce?

Fortunately, you could explore many ways to handle your divorce so that you come out with your health and well-being intact, including the following:

  • Allowing yourself to identify and work through any feelings you have during this time rather than trying to suppress them just to get through
  • Understanding that, even though your relationship was no longer happy, you could still grieve over it ending if you feel those emotions
  • Permitting yourself to feel a sense of relief that the marriage has come to an end if that feeling suits your circumstances
  • Asking for support from friends, family and other loved ones when needed or contacting a professional therapist if the situation becomes too overwhelming
  • Participating in self-care activities that promote your well-being, such as going outside, reading a book or pampering yourself

Research has shown that high-conflict divorce cases can lead to stress and anxiety that can have lasting effects on those involved, including children. You undoubtedly want to ensure that your divorce leads to a better future for you and any children you may have, and taking care of yourself may better allow you to handle the stress involved.

Professional assistance

In addition to seeking emotional support throughout your case, you may also want to consider obtaining professional legal assistance. An experienced New Jersey divorce attorney could help you understand your available options for addressing your contentious case as well as possible and assisting you in handling the many tasks involved with ending your marriage.