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Family law: What are my options for parenting time?

Professionals say that it is ideal that children of divorce parents maintain positive relationships with each one. Thankfully, family law rules in New Jersey have tools to make that possible. There may be some issues upon which a divorcing couple do not see eye to eye and they can include custody and parenting time. For instance, parents may wish to set up a time when each gets the children on alternate weeks, but there may be better options, according to experts.

This kind of every other week type of schedule could pose difficulties and other arrangements could be better, especially since spending alternate weeks with a different parent might be disruptive to a child’s routine. Besides, not seeing a parent for a week may not be in the best emotional interests of the child and could lead to feelings of anxiety and detachment. And if parents have trouble agreeing on other things, they may also have problems coordinating this type of schedule which could mean extra phone calls and visits.

An alternative to alternate week visits might include a few days with one parent and then three with the other or some sort of similar combination. This type of agreement may also better suit a parent’s work schedule. Children under the age of 12 do better with this type of visitation.

Whatever schedule is chosen, it is imperative to put the children’s needs first. Much depends on a family’s unique situation. If there are disputes regarding parenting time, it may be wise for each parent to seek independent legal advice from a New Jersey family law attorney. Coordinating a visitation plan that works may help children to adjust more readily to their new way of life.