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Is parallel parenting the right choice for your family?

Every family is different, and this is why every child custody decision should be custom-tailored to the individual situation. For you and the other parent of your children, a joint custody arrangement may not be ideal. While many courts and families prefer this type of custody plan, it doesn’t work in every situation, especially when the two parents are unable to work amicably together.

Divorce is difficult, and the strong emotions you may have regarding the other parent probably won’t go away simply because the process is final. This contention could keep you from co-parenting. In this situation, you may want to consider the benefits of parallel parenting. This option allows the kids to have access to both parents with a reduced chance of parental conflict.

How does it work?

Parallel parenting works by allowing each parent to have their own separate lives with their kids. When the kids are with you, you will get to make all decisions regarding day-to-day life. The same goes for the time your kids are with their other parent. The two of you will parent independently, and there will be very little overlap and a reduced need to communicate.

When it comes to making important decisions for the kids, you and the other parent may split this responsibility based on certain areas. For examples, you may make health care decisions for your kids, while the other parent makes educational decisions. For particularly important decisions, you may have to work together through mediation to reach a decision. When this doesn’t work, court intervention may be necessary.

Is it for you?

If co-parenting seems impossible, this could be the right choice for you. This option allows you to have very little direct contact with the other parent. This reduces the chance of conflict, which is often a source of stress and anxiety for kids. When considering your options, it may help to keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to protect the best interests of the kids above all else.

You do not have to make this important decision on your own. An experienced family law attorney can help you pursue child custody terms that make sense long-term. Whether it’s parallel parenting or another option, you can seek resolutions that will provide stability and security well into the future.