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How can you get a protection or restraining order in New Jersey?

Everyone deserves to feel safe in his or her daily life. If you believe you are under the threat of harm in your personal residence, at your job, while you are in public and at other times, you know how harrowing and exhausting a constant state of fear can be. You may consider seeking a restraining order as a way to protect yourself and regain your peace of mind.

There are different types of restraining and protective orders, and these are often solutions in cases involving domestic violence or a contentious divorce. If you believe you or your children are not safe, you may benefit from seeking this type of order for the benefit and well-being of your family. First, it may help to learn about the specific legal options available to you.

Fighting for the protection you deserve

The specific type of protection order that is most appropriate for your individual situation depends on the details of your case, including the type of threat you are facing, whether you are in immediate danger and more. The three types of protective orders include:

  • Restraining order — A restraining order requires a specific party to do or avoid certain things. One party may request this type of order without telling the other party he or she did so.
  • Emergency protection order — This often occurs in a domestic violence case during which one party is facing the threat of immediate harm, requiring the alleged abuser to leave the home.
  • Protection order — This order is applicable for a longer term, and it can include provisions specific to the individual situation. For example, it can include a stay-away provision, firearm provision, no contact provision and more.

Your goal may be immediate protection to provide relief in an emergency situation, but you may also need protection over a longer period of time. There are orders you may seek that can help you accomplish both of these things.

Don’t endure it alone

If you are under any type of threat that is affecting your everyday life, you do not have to face it alone. Through a restraining order or protection order, you may be able to secure a legally enforceable order that shields you from additional pain, duress and upheaval. In order to understand the legal options available to you, it may be helpful to seek an immediate assessment of your case.