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Is it possible to have a healthy co-parenting relationship?

The end of a marriage is a difficult transition for both parents and children. Unfortunately, it is often the youngest members of the family who struggle the most with new schedules, changes in their family lives, and even where they live. In order to make a divorce as easy as possible on the kids, New Jersey parents sometimes choose to co-parent. This requires close cooperation, a certain amount of mutual respect and a desire to prioritize the needs of the kids above all else. 

Healthy co-parenting will benefit the entire family, but it is especially important for the kids. If you are committed to protecting the well-being of your kids and ensuring they have strong relationships with both parents, it may require you to set aside your own personal feelings for their benefit. This may be difficult, but this type of custody plan could be a prudent choice for your family. 

Creating the best plan possible 

Each custody plan is different, and each family will have different needs. The best plan for your family is the one custom-tailored to the individual needs of your kids, your work schedules, and other factors unique to your family. Some of the steps you can take to create the best and most peaceful co-parenting plan include the following: 

  • Have a set schedule of how the children will split time between parents. 
  • Be flexible and willing to work with the other parent during unexpected situations. 
  • Have clear boundaries regarding what parents can and cannot control. 
  • Work toward agreement and maintaining a united front for the kids. 
  • Communicate with the other parent about changes in schedules. 
  • Attend events together and focus on being there for your kids. 
  • Show the children that both parents get along and respect each other. 
  • Don’t engage in manipulative behaviors. 
  • Defer to each other and try to be in agreement on decisions. 

Co-parenting can be challenging yet rewarding. It will require each parent to commit to the needs of the kids above all else, even their own temporary feelings. If you are considering your custody and visitation options, you may benefit from an explanation of the potential benefits of this specific option. Healthy co-parenting can provide stability, security and continuity of lifestyle for the kids, something that is essential to their post-divorce mental and emotional well-being.