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Sharing school-related responsibilities and expenses

New Jersey parents understand how expensive it can be to raise children, and they know first-hand that expenses related to educational needs can be some of the highest costs they must pay. After your divorce, you and your spouse will continue to share financial responsibility for your kids until they reach adulthood. It is important to clearly outline how this will work for your specific situation in the terms of your custody order and financial orders.

You will likely encounter costs associated with your kids’ education throughout the year, but they may be more prominent during the back-to-school season. You will have to shop for clothes, secure all required school supplies, pay fees for sports or activities, and more. This can be expensive, and it is a burden that both parents should share on an equitable basis.

Sharing the load

In the terms of your divorce order, you may benefit from considering the inclusion of terms that address how the parents will share the load of back-to-school expenses. While this includes the financial costs above all else, parents may benefit from having a specific plan regarding which one will handle which task, such as clothes shopping, purchasing supplies, attending back-to-school nights and more. A clear plan may minimize the complications for parents, and it may also provide your children with a sense of security.

The costs of back-to-school shopping can add up quickly. You could spend hundreds of dollars on school supplies alone, and that may not include new shoes and clothes your kids need. In addition to regular child support, it may also be important to address these costs in the terms of your divorce order as well. Depending on the nature of your specific situation, you may also benefit from addressing how parents will handle other school-related expenses as they arise throughout the school year.

A detailed support and custody plan

The more details you are able to include in your support and financial plan, the less likely that you will encounter challenges as you adjust to parenting after divorce. Addressing the costs related to your child’s education, even back-to-school costs, can make it simpler for each of you. It will also ensure that your children have what they need for the school year ahead. After a divorce, both parents share responsibility for all school-related needs that their children may have.