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Building a strong custody case as a father

One of the most difficult aspects of divorce for any parent is the change this process will have on the parent-child relationship. A divorce will mean that a parent may not see his or her child as much, and there may be changes to where a child will live. This is not easy, and most parents want to seek a custody arrangement that will be in the best interests of the youngest members of the family. As a father, you may believe that it is necessary for you to seek a specific custody arrangement for the benefit of your kids. 

Fathers may face unique challenges if seeking primary or sole custody. In the past, New Jersey courts typically gave preference to mothers. While it is now more common to see equitable custody arrangements than split time between parents, that does not mean that it will be simple for you to accomplish your custody goals. It will be beneficial for you to seek an understanding of how you can fight for the best outcome on behalf of your children. 

What is best for the kids? 

The intent and goal of any child custody arrangement is protecting the best interests of the children above all else. In some cases, this may mean that a father pursues a specific custody arrangement that will make him the primary or sole caregiver. If you find yourself in that situation or preparing to fight in court for a specific custody outcome, the following steps may help you accomplish your goals: 

  • Provide proof that you are already the primary caregiver of your children.  
  • Prepare a place for them in your home that is appropriate for their ages and needs. 
  • Demonstrate that you are an active and important part of the daily lives of your children. 

As a father seeking custody, being prepared for the potential struggles you could face in your efforts will be beneficial and help you seek a positive outcome to your case.  

You don’t have to fight alone 

If you are facing divorce and have specific custody concerns, you will benefit from working with an experienced legal professional who can provide you with insight regarding your rights and options. Fathers have the right to a strong relationship with their children after divorce, and they have the right to seek a specific outcome to their custody case if they believe it would be in the interests of their children.