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Getting through a divorce in the retirement years

More couples who have been together for many years are making the decision to end their marriages. What is known as gray divorce is on the rise in New Jersey and across the country. Although some of these couples have waited to divorce until after their children have grown and look forward to their new-found single status, they are likely in middle age and may be wondering how divorce will affect their retirement.

Should we have a confidentiality agreement in our divorce?

When a couple's marriage is coming to an end, there is one thing they're likely to agree on and that is keeping their personal issues as private as possible. New Jersey couples heading for divorce might consider having a confidentiality agreement in place. The bottom line is that information that was not publicly known, or known by a spouse prior to a divorce, shouldn't be accessible because of a divorce.

Rules of engagement that may make the divorce process easier

The ending of a marriage might be the most stressful time either person has ever experienced. There are typically two components to divorce: the legal and the emotional. It is said that it takes much less time for a couple to legally divorce in New Jersey than to heal from the wounds that may have been created by the marriage coming to an end.

Does socioeconomic status play into reasons for divorce?

There may be many reasons a couple's marriage gets into trouble. But the common denominator listed as one of the reasons for divorce in many cases are money woes. When a New Jersey couple can't get the way they think about money on the same page, could it cause real problems within the marriage? A recent study showed that the socioeconomic status of a couple does affect their relationship.

Valuing the family home in New Jersey during a divorce

There are many decisions that have to be made when a couple decides their marriage has come to an end. New Jersey couples who make the decision to divorce must go through their assets and debts, and one of the things on the table is the family home which more often than not is a marital asset. As such, the net value of the home will be divided between spouses.

Likely no pity party for Bezos’ lost billions in divorce

Divorce is invariably stressful to some degree for all splitting couples in New Jersey and elsewhere. We note at The Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh, though, that “for high earners or married couples with complex estates, there is much more at stake” than is typically the case with more modest decouplings.

Singer Kelly Clarkson files for divorce

Another celebrity couple has decided to end their marriage. Most New Jersey residents are more than likely familiar with popular singer Kelly Clarkson. The Season 1 winner of "American Idol," she recently filed for divorce from her husband of seven years -- Brandon Blackstock. Clarkson filed divorce papers on June 4 under her married name, Kelly Blackstock.