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What is the state of foreclosure activity in New Jersey?

Is this a glass-half-full type of thing or a half-empty scenario that continues to plague New Jersey in seemingly implacable fashion?

The subject matter is foreclosure activity in the Garden State, which is immediately bathed in adverse light via reference to some sobering numbers that underscore its magnitude as a truly material problem across the state.

Are divorced or divorcing parents on the hook for college costs?

It’s that time of year when students and their parents start receiving bills for the upcoming college year. Paying for college is always a source of stress, but the issue is magnified for parents who are divorcing or recently divorced.

In New Jersey, courts may require parents to assist with college funding. This can be a contentious issue during – and sometimes after – divorce proceedings. Will you be forced to pay for your son or daughter’s college? What are the remedies if the other parent refuses to help?

Prenups getting a balanced look from Millennials

It has indeed been a sustained slog for prenuptial agreements en route to their widespread acceptance in New Jersey and nationally.

Perceived for decades -- and still now -- by many self-appraisers as marital “deal breakers,” prenups have steadily traversed a long road that now finally accords them full status in the realm of recognized and respected legal agreements.

Both spouses are entitled to marital assets to hire lawyers

Complex assets or protracted litigation can make hiring a divorce lawyer rather expensive. This is especially problematic when one spouse has less money or no access to the marital accounts and the other has the means to hire top-flight legal counsel.

New Jersey law addresses this unfair scenario. One spouse can request that the other spouse pay some or all of their divorce-related attorney fees. The courts consider the need, the financial wherewithal and the conduct of both parties.

High-asset divorce case instructive regarding marital property

Every divorce in New Jersey and elsewhere is deeply meaningful for participants. We note on our Somerville family law website at The Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh that such is the case “no matter your station in life.”

Having said that, though, we additionally stress that “for higher earners or married couples with complex estates, there is much more at stake.”

Five Things You Need To Know About Divorce Proceedings

Some spouses are so anxious to be divorced that they skip right over the realities of getting divorced.

People often are shocked to learn about the obligations and restrictions that apply during divorce proceedings. Here are some commonly unknown or overlooked considerations.

New Jersey foreclosure activity remains above national average

How are homeowners doing nationally concerning property-related financial challenges and overt threats to their continued ownership?

That most decidedly depends on who is being asked the question, and the local community/state in which a respondent resides.

The wrong retirement decisions can be costly in divorce

Most people start learning about money early in life. Whether it’s earning an allowance or making change to buy gum from a vending machine, the idea is clear. You get money and then you save it or spend it. While that’s a valid foundation for later in life, money is rarely that simple.

There are two areas that highlight the complexity of money and property: retirement savings and divorce. Anyone going through a divorce learns about equitable distribution, the core idea behind division of property. Each partner gets a fair share, but it’s rarely a sum cut directly down the middle.

Is New Jersey real estate investment an attractive opportunity now?

Real estate - that is, the buying, selling and leasing of residential and commercial properties - can make for an iffy proposition.

Indeed, questions can abound for parties contemplating a realty-linked transaction. Will civic improvements on the horizon increase the value of local properties? Is a recession just around the corner? How might crime levels, taxes, weather, business entries/exits and additional factors play into rental, sales and lease prices?

Estate planning considerations in conjunction with divorce

When going through a divorce, you can easily get wrapped up in the immediate problems and the emotions of the moment. You may not be looking past D-Day - the expected date when you will be officially divorced.

Don't overlook your estate plan. Scenarios can arise during or after divorce that could change everything for you and your children - as well as a future partner. You'll want to address these issues with your divorce lawyer and your estate planning and financial professionals.

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