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A sometimes key family law issue: grandparents’ role re the kids

We prominently stress on our New Jersey website at The Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh what we perceive to be a fundamentally important task for a proven family law advocate. That is the careful balancing of roles, accomplished by an experienced attorney simultaneously “asserting parental rights and protecting the best interests of children.”

Kids are obviously important in divorce and all other family law matters. In fact, their well-being is routinely emphasized over all other factors by judges, who weigh considerations and outcomes in terms of what will optimally promote the interest of a family’s children.

Home foreclosure is a long process in New Jersey

(Part 1 in a series)

Receiving a Notice of Foreclosure is gut-wrenching, especially if you have set down roots. However, you don’t need to panic. New Jersey law provides you with many legal protections. And New Jersey has one of the longest timelines for a lender to actually take away your home.

Those accused of domestic abuse have acute need for legal help

The thoughts of most people hearing about a domestic abuse incident almost certainly focus first upon the alleged victim/accuser. Violence is always a frightful matter, especially when it is family-based, and the details surrounding abuse inflicted upon a seemingly vulnerable domestic partner or other family member can easily overwhelm everything else.

It is just as true in many family abuse cases that, when thoughts turn to a suspected perpetrator, quick conclusions often surface. Certain alleged criminal wrongdoing brings with it an attached anathema and pronounced social stigma. A sex crime allegation – especially against a child – is one example. Domestic violence is another. The public can be quick to judge.

Common concerns in an uncommon divorce outcome

High-asset divorces in New Jersey and elsewhere are sometimes not that different from more modest dissolutions in terms of the issues and challenges they present.

They’re simply writ large. We note on our family law website at the proven Somerville Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh that in divorces featuring couples with high incomes and/or marital assets, “there is much more at stake.”

Are Opportunity Zones truly a good opportunity?

On paper, Qualified Opportunity Zones are a win-win. Investors capture capital gains by deferring the tax hit. Economically depressed areas receive a booster shot of capital. More wealth. More jobs. Everybody’s happy, right?

But Opportunity Zone investments have significant risks. Possibly much more risk than simply playing the stock market. In addition to your financial advisor, a real estate lawyer can help you determine if the tax incentives justify the potential downsides.

Just wrong: bank’s “oppressive” conduct in foreclosure saga

Following is a quick rehash of one New Jersey homeowner’s depressingly sad tale relevant to bank conduct that blew up the normalcy in her life.

The woman lived in a condo in North Bergen. After suffering some financial difficulties, she sought a loan modification from Wells Fargo.

NJSBA Young Lawyers Division's Article About New Chair, Rajeh A. Saadeh

family-law-attorney-middlesex-county-nj.jpgAttorney, Rajeh A. Saadeh, became the new chair of New Jersey State Bar Association's Young Lawyers Division (YLD) in October 2018.  This article talks about his extensive background and what changes he would like to see in the YLD.

New Jersey year-ending divorce planning: some key points

Here’s a quick refresher course on a big imminent change to family law in New Jersey and nationally, set to take effect from the advent of the upcoming New Year.

That change is in the divorce realm, pursuant to a major adjustment crafted in the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. That enactment basically turns alimony law upside down by eliminating the tax deduction it has long enabled payers to take. That benefit will no longer be available for paying ex-spouses in divorces concluded after the final day of this month. In tandem with that, receiving spouses will no longer have to pay taxes on spousal support payments in divorces concluded in 2019 and thereafter.

What happens to the house in divorce?

For some couples, the marital home is their biggest asset. In divorce proceedings, the house can be a bargaining chip or a stumbling block.

How does residential real estate fit into equitable distribution? Does it matter if one spouse moves out? What do most divorcing couples do with the house? Let’s explore some of the issues and options in this contentious matter.

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