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How long does it take to get divorced in New Jersey?

Most people spend a long time considering divorce before they take the plunge. But once the decision is made to get divorced, they may be anxious to get it over with and start the next chapter.

How long does a typical New Jersey divorce take? What's the quickest it could happen - and the worst case scenario? Naturally, every divorce is different. But an attorney can give you a ballpark idea of how long the process is likely to take in your case.

Writer-referenced "good divorce" will differ in each case

Never boilerplate.

For some things in life, an optimal outcome is best achieved through a result that is unwaveringly consistent. In such matters, it is a tried-and-tested strategy spurring the same conclusion every time that spells a winning formula.

Is the down payment really holding you back from buying a home?

(Part II in a series on buying a home) 

There is a prevalent belief that you need a down payment of 20 percent to purchase a home. This is not the case, even for a conventional mortgage loan. Depending on how much house you are buying and whether you qualify for certain programs, you may only need 10 percent, 5 percent … or no down payment at all.

With the high cost of renting, many New Jersey residents would rather put that money toward a monthly mortgage than hand it over to the landlord. If that’s your American Dream, you shouldn’t let the lack of a big down payment hold you back.

Crowdsourcing is one solution to the down payment for homebuyers

Part I of a series on buying a home

In many parts of the county, including central New Jersey, house payments are more affordable than the rising cost of renting. The main barrier for those who would like to buy a home isn't the monthly mortgage but the down payment. Between stagnant wages, student loans and high rental expenses, many would-be homeowners remain stuck in the rental loop.

Government takings: What exactly is eminent domain?

As we stress in a recent blog post at the New Jersey Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh, the real estate universe is vast.

We note in our October 6 entry that the realm poses "broad and diverse" challenges and opportunities in both the residential and commercial sphere, and is "truly replete with complex and specialized concerns."

Political pillow talk can doom marriages

You can make a marriage work when one spouse is a diehard Yankees fan and the other cheers for the Mets (or even the Red Sox).  It’s never “just sports” to a true fan, but most couples can keep it all in perspective.

Political differences are harder to compartmentalize or ignore. The current political climate is making many divorces more hostile, according to the American Association of Matrimonial Lawyer. In fact, for some couples, politics is a main driver of the break-up of their marriage. 

The family home in a divorce: keep it or sell it?

Many divorces in New Jersey and elsewhere (especially those entailing comparatively high asset levels) feature a diverse and broad-based property list.

What that means for a thorough and focused divorce attorney is that fully identifying and tallying up those assets can be an exacting and methodical exercise.

Getting “Divorced” If You Aren’t Married

The Millennial generation is not merely marrying later but often saying no to marriage altogether. Millennials now make up half of all cohabitating couples in America.

Much has been written about this societal shift. What is often overlooked is what happens when cohabitating couples break up. One of the many benefits of marriage is the protections of divorce laws. Partners who are not married have no legal claim to property, retirement savings or alimony. They don’t even have a formal process other than suing their ex-partners in general court. More and more unmarried couples are entering cohabitation agreements (similar to a “prenup”). 

Distressed New Jersey homeowners, remember this: you have options

We take great pride in the legal work we do at the Somerville Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh, L.L.C., for valued New Jersey clients who face housing-related challenges from lenders and other parties.

Such challenges are not uncommon, of course, especially in recent years and following the so-called Great Recession that caused a serious upheaval in the nation's housing market.

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