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Is your ex planning to relocate with the kids?

Difficult as the breakup of your marriage was, you may have had an even more challenging time determining a fair and appropriate child custody arrangement. Whether this involved the orders of a judge or a negotiated settlement, ideally, you and your ex arrived at a plan that provides the children with a good balance of time between both of you.

Now you are looking at a new challenge. Your ex has informed you of his or her plans to move out of New Jersey and take the children. This heart-wrenching information may have your head spinning as you try to imagine the complications it presents to your custody arrangement.

Core considerations regarding the government’s eminent domain power

The New Jersey Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh in Somerville is a full-service legal office when it comes to diligent advocacy of valued and diverse clients in real estate matters.

And our impassioned and tailored representation encompasses far more than transactional work on behalf of individuals and entities concerning commercial and residential issues. It extends additionally to realty-linked disputes across a wide spectrum. Our principal attorney represents clients in matters ranging broadly from contract breach, fraud and foreclosure to evictions, neighbor disputes and homeowner association litigation.

Don't overlook your child's college plans as you divorce

Assets are not the only thing you will be dividing as you go through your divorce. You and your spouse will either negotiate the division of your debts or accept the order of a judge. One other obligation you will have to consider is how to prepare for your child's college education.

Even if your child is still quite young, the day when tuition bills start coming will arrive before you know it. This is something you should deal with now rather than later, and during divorce negotiations is a good time to get started.

How broad is the universe of neighbor-linked property disputes?

Perhaps the most obvious thing to be said about real estate disputes is that they run a wide gamut. We prominently note that on our website at the established Somerville Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh, a law firm with a demonstrated record of advocacy on behalf of diverse real estate clients.

We underscore online the “complex matters centered around real estate” and the “broad spectrum” of challenges that can arise for both individuals and commercial entities.

“Staggering” art collection looms large in divorce asset division

We suspect at the Somerville Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh that many readers of our family law blogs like art. Many of them likely collect various types of art that speak to them in meaningful ways, like sculptures, carvings, photographs and paintings.

Harry Macklowe and his estranged wife Linda can readily identify with anyone’s art fixation, especially where paintings are concerned. Though divorced, the once-married couple still collectively owns a reported 150-plus paintings collected over decades of marriage.

Before you buy a home, consider the neighborhood HOA

After a period of searching, you've finally found the right home for your New Jersey family. It's not easy to find the house that suits your needs and fits your budget, and the excitement of this process (and a competitive market) may compel you to move quickly. You may feel ready to go ahead and sign on the dotted line so you can move in as soon as possible.

Before you rush ahead, take time to consider a few things that maybe you didn't see when you viewed the home or that did not come up during the inspection of the property. One of these things is how the neighborhood homeowners association could impact your use and enjoyment of your property. This is an important consideration, particularly what the HOA can and cannot regulate regarding your home.

Can a teenager pick which parent they want to live with?

The short answer is no. It is not up to the child to decide. However, a court will consider the expressed preference of a child to live with one parent or the other. The older and more mature the child, the more weight the judge will give to that child’s desires.

This issue may come up during divorce proceedings. It also commonly arises long after divorce, when circumstances change or the child grows older. It may be necessary to go back to court to modify the custody agreement and parenting plan. It could even trigger a change in child support.

What does current foreclosure data indicate re New Jersey?

It’s a heck of a hole, and digging out from it continues to be a major effort.

The deep pit we refer to links with New Jersey foreclosure activity – default notices, auctions and lender repossessions. Those all continue to drive concern in select pockets spanning the country, and especially so in the Garden State.

Concerns shared by some highly affluent divorcing women

It’s not all about simply toasting yourself in the mirror if/when you obtain a divorce settlement that leaves you unquestionably rich and likely financially advantaged for the rest of your life.

Indeed, notes the publication Financial Times, spouses who obtain divorce settlements marked by truly outsized wealth often have singular concerns – even notable challenges and worries. Many of them stress over how to feel and live responsibly amid their figurative and literal good fortune.

Lifestyle and retirement considerations in gray divorce

Divorce is a financially complex process with significant effects on both parties, especially if one or both of them are nearing retirement age. As you know, the choice to end your marriage will bring certain financial consequences. One of your primary concerns will be to minimize these consequences and secure terms that are fair and reasonable.

You are probably aware that your divorce could force you to alter your plans for retirement. Depending on the nature of your individual financial situation, your divorce could irrevocably change what you hoped to do with your golden years. The stakes are high, and your financial future is technically on the line. You would be wise to start thinking and planning about how you can protect yourself at every step of the divorce process.

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