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Problem NJ mortgage loan servicer will pay millions in settlement

New Jersey-based PHH Mortgage Corporation -- the nation's ninth biggest non-bank entity that services residential mortgages -- has been in business for years with the stated goal of helping homeowners.

Instead, it has hurt a number of them, and will now pay a price for that.

A bit of alphabet soup relevant to real estate: HOAs and CC&Rs

The acronyms in today's blog post headline above are shorthand descriptors for important entities and concepts in one singular real estate realm.

Namely, that is planned community developments, most typically comprising condos and townhomes. Although such communities were at one time a relative rarity in the United States, they now dot America's residential landscape from coast to coast.

Many divorces are started right after New Year’s

Many lawyers will tell you they get tons of inquiries about divorce after the holidays. For various reasons, the January “divorce month” phenomenon is a real thing. Actual divorce filings begin ticking up right after New Year’s, climbing through Valentine’s Day, and peaking in March.

If you are considering getting a divorce, here are 5 tips to prepare yourself for a stressful and life-changing undertaking:                                                                              

The role of proven legal counsel in child custody cases

As a divorcing New Jersey parent, balance is something that you perhaps spend much time thinking about.

You love your children, of course, and want what is best for them across every conceivable front. Yet you know that your parental rights and interests must also be respected and promoted. As a nurturing caregiver, you likely view that getting what you want and need in a divorce will simultaneously advance the best interests of your kids.

Supreme court case could award life insurance to ex-spouse

The U.S. Supreme Court will take up the case of who collects on a deceased man’s life insurance policy – his children or his ex-wife. Under a 2002 Minnesota law, a divorce automatically nullifies any beneficiary rights of ex-spouses. But a federal appeals court ruled that such state laws (if applied retroactively) violate the Contract Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

The case has major implications, as more than half of the 50 states have similar revocation-upon-divorce laws. It also has broader constitutional ramifications for conflicts between state statutes and pre-existing contracts. Whichever way the Supreme Court rules, there is a lesson here for anyone getting divorced. Take the extra steps to get your documents in order!

Update on a hot-button divorce issue in New Jersey, nationally

We always seek to provide our readers across New Jersey with timely and relevant information concerning important family law topics.

In keeping with that goal, we duly note that an update on a key divorce issue is sometimes warranted, which is why today's blog post focuses squarely on alimony.

Proactive Measures For Credit Issues In Divorce

Money always looms large in divorce. Finances will be tight and your standard of living will likely take a hit, at least in the short term.

While you may be worried about income and living expenses, do not overlook credit issues. Long after divorce, joint debts can be a financial burden or hamper your credit rating and ability to borrow. Read more about untying the knots of your intertwined credit.

Divorce-related beneficiary question works its way up to SCOTUS

Here's a hypothetical -- actually a real-life situation that occasionally plays out for divorced spouses across the country -- relevant to beneficiary designations in life insurance policies.

Imagine that one spouse lists his or her married partner as a beneficiary (a common outcome, obviously). The couple later divorces, but the policyholder fails to remove the former spouse as a beneficiary. When it comes time later in life to make payment under the policy, the ex-spouse, currently widowed partner and adult children all make claims on the money.

Rutgers Honors Program Spotlights Rajeh Saadeh

Graduates of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, tend to view their affiliation in a proud and enduring way. They know that the opportunities provided them at their alma mater have been catalysts enabling lifelong learning and meaningful careers.

The principal attorney at our Somerville law firm can speak personally to that. Rajeh A. Saadeh embraced Rutger's challenge, graduating from the university's Honors/Scholars Program prior to attending the nationally ranked University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Special considerations regarding divorce and a couple's business

Take time and be focused, because "it can be messy."

That short piece of advice is delivered by a financial columnist in a recent Forbes article discussing concerns relevant to a family business in a divorce.

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