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Divorcing? Keep your kids in the loop and their needs in mind

Disputes about children often factor into the decision to divorce. Parenting arrangements and child support may be central issues in divorce proceedings.

Yet all too often, the actual kids and their needs are an afterthought! If the adults are wrapped up in their own problems, children are left in the dark with few skills to cope. Children of divorce fare better in the long run when their parents are deliberate in communications and planning.

Title issues should be addressed, protected against in home closing

A prospective New Jersey home buyer might reasonably want to assure that legal counsel retained for input in a transaction has across-the-board experience and acumen in relevant purchase and closing matters. There can be a lot to focus on in a residential real estate transaction, and a would-be buyer is sold short when professional advice is less than complete.

Some law firms take pride in the comprehensive services they deliver to buyers and sellers in residential property matters. We certainly do at The Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh in Somerville. We note on our website that we assist participants “through every phase of residential real estate transactions.” That encompasses negotiations, studied input on purchase contracts, home inspection, mortgage/financing matters and closing.

New Jersey owners in planned community never expected this

Here’s a hypothetical for you. Imagine that you’re a homeowner of one unit among hundreds of condos and townhouses in a sprawling planned development in New Jersey. Could you even remotely envision being tasked by your homeowners association to cough up thousands of dollars for a structural problem occurring in two units at the other end of your community?

Even if such a scenario seems flatly foreign to you, it isn’t for the hundreds of residents living in the Wayne community of Brittany Chase. They are living in a virtual nightmare, made most real by pro-rata charges imposed upon them (pegged to the square footage of their units) by their HOA for soil-linked construction defects that are literally sinking two town houses.

What is the crystal ball saying re NJ residential real estate?

Time for a bit of good news that solidly reflects economic traction and positive momentum for the New Jersey real estate market.

Candidly, much news regarding state realty-linked subject matter has been marked by a downside over the past several years. In fact, not much of a silver lining has been noted anywhere since the arrival of the so-called Great Recession and its attendant housing collapse a decade-plus ago.

Determining child support for high-income families

Even when both people agree that divorce is the best next step for everyone, there are still a lot of aspects to consider and issues that can make a divorce complicated. When parents are considered, by the court, to have a “high income,” those issues can become even more complicated.

In most New Jersey child support situations, a judge will look at the amount of money each parent makes and use a chart to decide how much child support one spouse must pay the other. When the combined income of both parents is more than $187,200, that determination becomes more complex.

This divorce differs in scope, yes, but not so much in substance

A fundamental point to note about New Jersey divorce is that some matters can very much be left to the discretion of soon-to-be exes and/or a judge (alimony, for example, which can be negotiated and additionally adjusted by the court).

Having said that, though, it is just as clear that others are far more circumscribed and determined via an alternative route.

Some time-honored and candid divorce advice

We reference a slightly dusted-off article from earlier this year in today’s blog post to underscore a divorce-related point that merits reiteration from time to time.

And that is this, provided courtesy of Forbes: If you’re an individual from New Jersey or elsewhere going through the divorce process, rely upon professionals.

Why you might want to revisit an alimony-linked prenup now

We duly noted a flurry of divorce-tied activity in a relatively recent blog post, stressing in our May 1 entry that some family law pundits “expect a rush of divorce filings before the end of this year.”

Some New Jersey readers of our blog at The Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh in Somerville know that the cited uptick relates to material adjustments in federal law relating to alimony. Others might be a bit in the dark concerning what will imminently be a new reality.

Your home purchase offer was accepted. It’s a done deal, right?

Virtually anyone who has ever bought a home in New Jersey or elsewhere recollects well that, while the process was exciting, it was also marked by stress and uncertainty.

Thus, is it unsurprisingly the case that a would-be home buyer is elated when hearing that a seller has accepted his or her purchase offer. Relief ensues that acceptance rather than rejection has followed a long process of searching, negotiating, filling out forms, receiving loan approval and complying with myriad other requirements.

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