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New Jersey lawmakers announce new foreclosure-focused tool

If you’re tracking a troubling event, its occurrence in just one of every 1,117 possible instances might not seem so bad.

According to the national real estate information company RealtyTrac, those are numbers relevant to New Jersey, and they are in fact more than a bit concerning. They denote the foreclosure rate for residential properties.

The New Jersey counties with the most DUI arrests

 It seems like there are always headlines about drunk driving crackdowns, with law enforcement agencies announcing a special focus on DUI enforcement during specific time periods. The reality, of course, is that people are arrested and accused of drunk driving all the time.

Single parent, better father: there is evidence-based proof of this

Some self-doubting fathers in New Jersey and elsewhere find out that they’re exceptional dads – after divorce.

That is the bottom-line takeaway underscored in a recent article that stresses an ultimate reality many fathers never envisioned during their marriages.

Who pays for college after a divorce?

The costs of college tuition and related expenses have been steadily rising across New Jersey and the rest of the country for decades. According to ValuePenguin, the average cost to attend an in-state college per year totals $13,870 in 2019. Across the country, the average cost of tuition at a public or private four-year college totals $25,620 and $34,740, respectively.

With such staggering costs, many parents wish to provide their children with financial assistance. However, a divorce can complicate any college plans you have made for your child. After a divorce, who pays for college?

Divorce story: He spent the buck gambling; she’s glad he did

Here’s a tale from a family law perspective that has a simply “wow” component about it. Moreover, it’s broadly instructive nationally, including in the equitable property state of New Jersey.

It starts with a man’s mere $1 outlay on a lottery ticket in Michigan. He wasn’t concerned what his wife might think about that; the couple was separated and in the process of ending their marriage via arbitration.

5 ways to prepare for a Divorce

A divorce can pose a heavy, emotional toll on an individual. Gathering multiple financial documents, to potential custody issues to asset division, finalizing a divorce is no small feat.

If you are considering a divorce, you aren’t in rare company. Though declining, 40 to 50% of all marriages currently end in divorce. There are ways to prepare – from talking to others who have gone through a divorce to planning for your kids (if need be).

Some relevant research cited in near wake of Father’s Day

Last Sunday spelled the yearly shout out to dads from kids in New Jersey and across the country. The annual rite of Father’s Day has once again left many millions of American fathers with a new stockpile of belts, neckties, underwear and cordless drills.

And it has unquestionably spawned their thankfulness for offspring they clearly cherish. Recent study findings from the nonprofit Pew Research Center reveal what is hardly surprising to the vast collective of fathers across the country.

You find a problem after buying the house: What do you do now?

Some New Jersey home buyers seek perfection in the house they hope to purchase. Others are hard-core realists, fully expecting to find a few things that will need to be updated or otherwise modified. Real estate participants obviously differ in their expectations and attitudes.

They certainly converge on one thing, though, and that is this: their belief that a seller has a firm duty to disclose any material defects that exist in a for-sale property. Coming clean on significant problems in a timely manner well before a closing date is an ethical imperative.

Termination of parental rights: an overview

The idea that permanent alienation between a parent and child can be judicially ordered likely seems chilling and even unfathomable to most people.

It happens, though. Imagine a case where a child is being repeatedly abused by a parent even after multiple interventions by state authorities. What if one or both parents have long-term substance abuse challenges? What if they can’t consistently provide their child with food, clothing and other life essentials?

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