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Assigning value in divorce to a spouse’s caretaking duties, Part 2

A family law commentator in a recent Forbes article notes that many women “opt out to support the careers of their husbands and to engage in the intensive mothering that is expected of them.”

We referenced what they opt out from in a blog post from last week. We noted in our May 10 entry that “scores of millions of American wives/mothers … assume stay-at-home caretaking roles.”

How to fairly value a spouse’s stay-at-home marital contributions

Some New Jersey readers of our family law blog are likely old enough to remember some of the vintage television shows of yesteryear that depicted American family life.

Those efforts routinely sketched families in a similar way. Dad headed out the door every weekday morning to put in a day of work at the office, while mom readied the kids for school and thereafter focused on domestic duties all day long.

Drug epidemic propels grandparents forward as primary caregivers

New Jersey grandparents do not automatically command visitation rights concerning their grandchildren. That determination is customarily under the control of parents. Moms and dads are granted wide decision-making powers under relevant state laws.

Grandparents sometimes make a legal push for closer involvement in the lives of their grandkids, though. When they do, a court will have ample discretion over a number of statutory factors in considering their petition.

Court's child support focus: What is the kids' best interest here?

We routinely strive for our family law blogs at the Somerville Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh to be reliable and relevant sources of information for our readers across New Jersey and elsewhere. We don't do "fluff" pieces, and we purposely steer clear of celebrity-tied stories that are more fodder than substance.

Candidly, though, we don't simply rule out a post because it spotlights a high-profile figure. Indeed, some family law subject matter rings especially relevant precisely because it does link to a well-known person. As such, it arguably commands additional value for many readers who instantly recognize a face or name. An important point can sometimes be effectively conveyed when a celebrity is involved.

Success at trial in landlord-tenant-HOA lawsuits

Real estate litigation can become complex and drawn out, involving multiple parties. That was certainly true when two disgruntled tenants of a New Jersey gated community sued their homeowner associations, the landlords, a holding company and its owner-manager for fraud and collusion.

After a long legal battle, the Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh, L.L.C., helped two landlord clients fend off the unfounded lawsuits. In fact, the case was so successful that our clients can pursue an award of attorney fees from the plaintiffs.

Spotlight on positive adjustments for fathers following divorce

The contours of child custody in New Jersey and nationally have changed materially when compared with those that marked the status quo a generation and more ago.

Back “then” (we’re really not talking that long ago) the suspicions of many divorcing husbands and fathers that they were getting the short end of the dissolution stick were easily borne out.

How does social media influence the divorce process?

Social media is still relatively new, but it has quickly become a central component of the modern world. TV shows, recipes and even politics all seem to involve Facebook or Instagram in some way now. Social media influences many parts of our lives—including divorce.

How exactly can Twitter and Snapchat affect your separation? Most studies show that it may make things much worse.

Progressively strengthening since 1994: vanguard domestic abuse law

It’s a keeper.

Proving both durable and clearly meritorious, fundamentally important violence victims’ legislation is just about to turn 25 years old. The federal Violence Against Women Act enacted into law by former President Bill Clinton back in 1994 was reauthorized for an additional period last week by the U.S. House of Representatives. It is widely expected to achieve a similar outcome soon in the Senate.

Will your divorce attorney work well with other team members?

Here is a defining attribute for any family law attorney worth your valued consideration as a prospective client: That individual will be 100% focused on always promoting your best interests. Legal representation is a privileged honor for an attorney. A seasoned professional never forgets that.

That realization implies certain things. Foremost, perhaps, is its linked assurance with an honest assessment of all material points relevant to your family law matter. That is coupled with timeliness, regular communication and thoughtful consideration of your expressed views regarding strategies and next steps.

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