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What does it cost to sell a house in New Jersey?

You may have a good idea of what your house is worth on the current market. But do you know how much you need to sell it for to break even or come out ahead?

The large majority of homeowners who put their house up for sale are first-time sellers. Are you aware of all the costs associated with selling your home?

Does Leonardo da Vinci factor into your New Jersey divorce outcome?

It's undoubtedly true that there are a million velvet Elvis paintings hanging on walls in American homes for every work from a timeless master that is similarly displayed.

There's another way of stating that, to wit: Not everyone has millions of dollars available to spend on art.

Beware these issues in a 'gray' divorce

Many couples look forward to time together once the kids have left the nest, or traveling in tandem once they have both retired. Yet some spouses cringe at the thought of spending their Golden Years with their partner.

A growing number of people in their 50s and 60s are opting out of unsatisfying marriages. But getting divorced at or near retirement has potential pitfalls. Untying the knots of a long-term marriage can have major implications for finances, taxes and retirement savings.

Evolving norms: a changing (and better) child custody landscape

"It's not the norm anymore," says one family law participant discussing child custody outcomes. That commentator notes that what used to be commonplace has now been supplanted by new realities.

The cited norm across New Jersey and everywhere else in the county used to be this: primary physical and often legal custody granted to mothers, with dads having limited and often notably circumscribed visitation rights.

Domestic abuse is one frequently misunderstood family law topic

It's not surprising that family violence is a subject that is sparingly addressed in the family law universe. It is painful to focus upon, yielding adverse consequences and often destroying relationships. In extreme cases featuring home-based abuse, people are seriously hurt or even die.

Given its almost taboo nature in some quarters, it stands to reason that a number of fallacies have emerged over time concerning what domestic violence precisely is and how it should be defined.

There is less stigma about prenups and marital agreements

There's a difference between "if" and "when"

A prenup does not presume you will get divorced. Anyone that fatalistic maybe shouldn't get married. A prenup lays out what would happen if your marriage ends.

To some people, that is a distinction without a difference. By anticipating divorce, you already have one foot out the door. Yet thousands of happily married couples with prenuptial and postnuptial agreements would disagree. Think of it as an insurance policy; hopefully you never need it but if you do you're in good hands.

A 21st-century parenting plan tech assist: the Smart Coparent

Oops, I forgot my smartphone. I can't co-parent.

It hasn't quite come to that yet, of course. It does sometimes seem to be the case, though, that legions of people stand immobilized and incapable of any action whatever if their beloved mobile device isn't firmly in hand.

Misinformation perpetuates the cycle of domestic abuse

Many victims of domestic violence buy into the myths. Often the people they turn to for help - family members, police officers, judges - also adhere to outdated ideas that perpetuate the cycle of abuse.

Breaking the cycle requires knowledge, courage and support. It may be necessary to leave the abusive relationship and go to court to obtain a protective order.

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