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Distressed New Jersey homeowners, remember this: you have options

We take great pride in the legal work we do at the Somerville Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh, L.L.C., for valued New Jersey clients who face housing-related challenges from lenders and other parties.

Such challenges are not uncommon, of course, especially in recent years and following the so-called Great Recession that caused a serious upheaval in the nation’s housing market.

Helping pressured homeowners is a key component of what we do at the firm, with our efforts being routinely buoyed by the knowledge that many of our clients realize legal outcomes that both surprise them and surpass their expectations regarding what was possible.

Every distressed New Jersey homeowner needs to be reasonably assured that strategies do exist to fight back against things like home foreclosure, a lender’s first-instance refusal to negotiate an alternative to an unworkable mortgage, and other seemingly insuperable challenges.

For example, many foreclosure actions can be contested on grounds of a bank’s errors or even bad-faith conduct. Important paperwork might have been lost. Double billings are far from a rarity, with the same being true for excessively high fees, closing costs and other exactions.

Clients who work with a proven attorney can also often realize a material adjustment to original mortgage terms, enabling them to stay in their homes. Rates can sometimes be changed. A forbearance that allows for what is essentially a “time out” on monthly payments, with a coupled opportunity to catch up on past-due amounts owed, is sometimes granted. In many instances, a lender has strong motivation to work with a homeowner rather than just call in a mortgage.

When stay-in-the-house strategies simply do not exist, experienced real estate counsel can pursue an optimal exit strategy with a client that focuses upon a best-case solution for moving on while — at the same time — extinguishing debt.

As we duly note on our website, “there are alternatives” to consider and act upon concerning home-related challenges. Our firm stands ever ready to discuss and optimally implement them for clients who call upon us for legal help.



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