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Evolving norms: a changing (and better) child custody landscape

“It’s not the norm anymore,” says one family law participant discussing child custody outcomes. That commentator notes that what used to be commonplace has now been supplanted by new realities.

The cited norm across New Jersey and everywhere else in the county used to be this: primary physical and often legal custody granted to mothers, with dads having limited and often notably circumscribed visitation rights.

That might reasonably have been denoted the “traditional” custody outcome in bygone years. It has been some time, though, since it signaled the customary arrangement in legions of divorces. It is common these days for courts to sign off on myriad creative parenting outcomes, some of which feature shared parenting. And as we note on our family law website at the Somerville Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh, L.L.C., joint legal custody (both parents involved with key decisions) is almost assured in any given divorce.

We stress on our site the bottom line presumption for New Jersey family law courts that “children are best served by having both parents involved in their lives.”

That view hardly seems surprising, and it is firmly buttressed by findings pointing to kids’ enhanced mental health in cases where both mom and dad have close and continuous contact with them post-divorce.

An experienced family law attorney can help spur a best-interest custody outcome for children by working with a parent client on important matters ranging from residence and schedules to a child’s extracurricular activities, exchanges and more.

Your child’s well-being is paramount following a divorce. A proven and compassionate legal advocate can help negotiate and craft a parenting plan that optimally promotes it.



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